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Sales Resume

Sales resume that stands out from the crowd should jump out and scream: hey, I have what you are needing, I can sell those pharmaceutical products or whatever you want to sell! Sales resumes must be result-oriented, emphasize your sales achievements and skills, and include all your sales expertise. EasyJob reveals the top secret on how to write a good resume for sales step by step.

Sales Resume Objective

If you are considering applying for a sales job, you will need a resume with a powerful sales resume objective or profile. Your resume for sales positions must stands out from the crowd and a well written sale resume objective or, even better, a sales resume profile, can help you to get it! Tips on how to write a good sales resume objective, sales resume objective sample, .

Retail Resume

Writing a retail resume is not a difficult task, however, as in every field, the retail world has its own specific resume focus that you need to know to write successful retail resumes and get the interview. A resume for retail positions will be not complete if you were not able to showcase some very specific skills that most retail employers look for. What are they?

Project Manager Resume

Writing a Project Manager resume can seem a simple task; although you need something to make your project management resume stand apart from the crowd. So, it is essential to use resumes to show employers in a concise and attractive way what value you can bring to their project team, your managerial skills, your over budget performance, implementation and use, etc.

Nurse Resume

Your nurse resume must be a powerful marketing tool able to sell yourself and to get you an interview. Then, your nursing resume should let your prospective employers easily understand your personal value proposition to the nurse job position. Sample nursing resume, nurse resume objective …

Marketing Resume

Write an effective marketing resume can be a very stressful time. Not only are you introducing yourself to the hirer, but you are also demonstrating your skills as a marketer. Marketing resumes should promote the job seeker to a prospective employer in a convincing and attractive way… Sample marketing resume, tips an much more.

Manager Resume

A manager resume must sell you by detailing your strong skills and explaining what is the value added proposition you have to offer in a quickly and clearly manner. An effective management resume requires emphasis to management abilities like leadership, communication and team skills. Write great manager resumes with EasyJob Manager Resume specialized software and stay ahead of your competitors.

IT Resume

If you are writing an IT resume, don’t make the gravy mistake of thinking that a proper Information Technology resume could be created as a simply variation of a standard resume version. Writing IT resumes requires a different format and a proper technical content. IT resume sample, professional IT resume writing tips and much more.

Internship Resume

The internship resume is a little bit different to the typical employment resume. Your personality, your studies, grades, interests here are really relevant to companies and you must be able to present all of them on your internship resumes in a professional and attractive way if you want to be selected. Internships resume samples, tips and much more…

HR Resume

Writing a successful HR resume could be more stressful than writing resumes for other job positions. For that reason, building a good Human Resources Resume is something that needs to be approached with enough time & certain things in mind like… HR resumes samples, templates, writing tips and much more.

Engineer Resume

Engineer resume has a very simple format. The keys for writing an effective engineering resume are to properly emphasize the candidate’s technical skills and to keep in mind the prospective employers´ requirements. Tips on how to write engineers resume, engineer resumes samples and much more.

Customer Service Resume

Creating a winning customer service resume could be more stressful than writing resumes for other job positions. Customer service representatives are required to have strong communication skills and customer service resumes are an excellent opportunity to evaluate them. Free customer service resume tips, samples, customer service resume skills and much more.

Accounting Resume

Ensuring you have a stand out accounting resume will give you a better chance of securing that career path, but writing a successful accountant resume requires to have certain things in mind, like . Accounting resumes samples, templates, writing tips and much more.

Resume Assistant

An assistant resume could be more stressful to write than resumes for other job positions. Assistants are required to have written expression and information ordering abilities and the resume will allow employers to evaluate them. Then, writing a good administrative assistant resume or executive assistant resume is something that needs to be approached with certain things in mind and the right resume builder tool.

Career Resume Builder

EasyJob Career Resume Builder software includes resume formats and resumes wording suggestions. Free download our resume builder program and get started to create an attention-getting resume that will stand out even during high-speed resume scanning.