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Internship Positions

An internship is a temporary and supervised position where on-the-job training is learned. It is an excellent way to land your first job, as there are many interns that have actually started working for the company where they interned. This is partly because you know how the company works and you have begun to work nicely with the people around you.

You can choose to apply for an internship program for the money, but lots of them are actually offered on a for credit basis, where you will receive academic credits that help you with your studies. It is also appealing to get a summer internship position because you can build up a network of contacts that you can use to secure an actual job once you have graduated.

Internship Resumes

When you have to go for a job interview to get an internship position you will probably have come up tops amongst many other applicants. What makes a company choose you for an internship program has a lot to do with your personality, what you are studying, how your grades are, the level of interest and how you present all of them on your internship resume.

How You Should Complete Your Internship Resume

When you start your internship resume you must include some important things in order to secure an interview for the internship position.

First of all, take as much time as you need to make a detailed and thorough account of all your professional activities to date, even those you may consider unimportant. These activities may include:

  • part-time jobs while you were studying,
  • events from your college years,
  • such as short-term projects,
  • periods of in-service training,
  • research projects in which you have participated,
  • term papers or documents you have prepared,
  • presentations made at seminars, workshops, or other meetings.

Include any academic or educational degrees that you already have or that you are studying. Besides education, this might include volunteer work, training, military experience, or anything else that you might present as legitimate activities that support your ability to do the work that you feel you can do.

Identify skills you acquired by your participation in these experiences and label those skills according to the skills headings used in the internship job descriptions; in other words, you have to translate your duties into the headings of the corresponding jargon on your internship resume.

To help you translate duties into skill headings, “EasyJob Resume Builder” lists hundreds of skill headings arranged under broader subjects, and provides you with several resume skills examples.

Most job seekers have far more valuable skills and experience than they realize, and usually fail to include those ’employability assets’ in their resume. If you are looking for an internship position, you can’t. No way.

You should also include a motivational letter explaining your interest in the internship program. Another suggestion is to offer a list of traits that you are proud of that you can boast will be good for the company.

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Internship Resume Sample

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