Customer Service Resume

Writing Successful Customer Service Resumes

If you’re applying for a job in customer services and need help for writing your resume, you’ve come to the right place.

Creating a winning customer service resume could be more stressful than writing resumes for other job positions. Customer service representatives are required to have strong communication skills and the resume is an excellent opportunity to evaluate how good you are on these. Then, writing a successful resume for this field is something that needs to be approached with enough time, certain things in mind and the right resume builder tool.

What To Include In A Customer Service Resume

Work History

Of course that an employer who is looking to hire someone for a customer service position is going to first of all look for experience in the field. If you have this experience, show them. However, even if you were not hired specifically as a customer service representative in the past, note that almost every job has some degree of service and support in it, then, focus on these aspects when writing your customer service resume.

Customer Service Resume Skills

Nevertheless, a good customer servicing performance depends on as much about your personality & how you are as what you have done. There are some specific skills and abilities as important to employers as some prior experience in the industry.Then, Identifying them and making sure they were properly included in your customer service resume could make a difference in whether you get the job interview or not.

Communication, good questioning and listening are some of these customer service resume skills. It is always important displays a professional manner when answering the phone or dealing with clients, or through written correspondence. This would include letters, memos, emails, etc.

You would certainly want to highlight direct customer service with clients as well as any support that you provided on the telephone. Resolving problems in a prompt and effective manner are also traits that make a good customer service professional.

The ability to build rapport and have empathy plus having a genuine interest in meeting customer needs and being able to assist customers in a friendly and efficient way are talents required and will ensure customer satisfaction and encourage return business. There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a customer service representative who doesn’t really care about your situation and makes no attempt to find a solution for you. Thus, if you have these abilities, spotlight them in your customer service resume.

Having good organizational skills is an important part of being a good customer service representative as well as almost every position requires keeping records and being able to retrieve them when needed. An attention to detail is another key quality when working in the customer service field. It is often the small details that are overlooked and usually provide the solution to the problem or issue you are trying to resolve.

Make sure you let it be know that one of your strong points is your ability to follow through and see a situation all the way to the end. Follow up is another invaluable trait when in a customer service position. Too many people assume that a situation has been handled and oftentimes it has not.

Resume Profile, References & Others

Write a powerful resume summary of qualification highlighting any relevant experience, education and achievements that are required by the job ads and which showcase your key skills to the customer service field. Be concise as your talent to summarize will be evaluated.

Finally, if you have specific experience in the customer service, be ready to present references from past employers who will vouch for your expertise. Make note of any awards or promotions that you earned in previous customer service positions.

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As a customer service representative, your resume needs to be effective. The readers need to be instilled with a confidence that handing you their precious customers will only strengthen their business.

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