Project Manager Resume

Writing A Successful Project Manager Resume

At first consideration, writing a Project Manager resume can seem a simple task; simply list the projects, what you did to drive them forward and what happened. And in essence, this is all that is needed. However, you need something to make your project management resume stand apart from the crowd; after all there will be in excess of 1000 other applicants you need to compete against.

No matter what type of project management role you have ( IT, Construction, Architecture, etc.), an effective project management resume must sell you by detailing your strong managerial skills and explaining what is the value added proposition you have to offer in a quickly and clearly manner. These are what prospective employers are looking for and if you emphasize them properly on a well done resume you will stay ahead of your competitors. Don’t loose this opportunity! Download EasyJob Resume Builder’s demo right now and create your winning project manager resume using the specific wording samples for project managers’ professionals and its over than 25,000 great resume templates.

Tips on Writing a Good Project Management Resume

Employers really want to know what value you can bring to their project team; so tell them this. Obviously, the only way you can do this is by explaining your successes previously. Key to getting this across is how you deliver the package however; go into some detail as to what strategies you used, other strategies considered and the thought processes you used.

This all needs to be delivered in a clear and concise way though; spend some time writing down what you want to say and then edit it. And then edit again. Ideally you are looking to cover all points in no more than fifty words.

Write a powerful project manager resume profile highlighting:

  • your managerial experience, for example in budgeting, designing and building major applications;
  • the range of representatives you have collaborated with on projects;
  • briefly how many years’ of project management experience you have and the range of your technical abilities.

A mistake repeated on Project Manager resumes is a breakdown of projects. This can be okay if you have contracted your services out from company to company however; if you have been loyal to a company, in your PM position, for several years it is not. Instead, highlight your achievements across the board, and give clear performance indications as to how your actions drove the project(s) forward.

Another mistake often made by PMs writing their own resumes is in the detail. You should only be detailing generic project management formulas and strategies; not bespoke approaches you had to make. Neither should you waste time and space discussing exactly why a project was commissioned. Projects are, almost by definition, unique to each company; do not discuss the reasons for a project being worked on for former employers.

Increasingly, PMs are questioned over budget performance, implementation and use. Spend time back tracking and number crunching to both show your performance working to budgets, and how you manoeuvre within them. As a growing number of companies look to streamline and take advantage of changing trends in their sector; good project managers are increasingly in demand. This is the good news, however competition is tougher than ever and getting more challenging as new graduates hone their skills through university.

By showcasing your skills, achievements and aptitude effectively, your Project Manager resume should put you in pole position to make the milestone change to your career.

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