Marketing Resume

Writing A Successful Marketing Resume

A resume is, as is widely known, the first step any job seeker has to promote themselves to a prospective employer. It is definitely a marketing tool. As a result, writing an effective marketing resume can be a very stressful time. Not only are you introducing yourself to the hirer, but you are also demonstrating your skills as a marketer.

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How to Write Good Marketing Resumes

The best way to lead into your marketing resume is with a winning introduction to your achievements to date. Often referred to as a Value Statement or Resume Profile, these are just that; a statement highlighting what value you can bring to your potential employer.

It is highly important not to procrastinate however. Deliver your achievement, explain how it was achieved, and the effect it had. Any more information is unnecessary. Remember, at every point throughout your marketing resume you will be evaluated as to your skills. Ability to summarize will be important.

When writing your statement, use positive language and key words; Networking, Relationship Building; Business Development etc, will be expected to be in evidence. For online marketers and online marketing resumes, achievements regards SEO, backlinks and other strategic successes should be relied upon.


As important as ensuring key words and phrases are used, it is also important to steer away from certain other words. “Responsible for” and “Involved in”, are simply not going to cut it; use “Achieved” and “Integral” in their stead and remember to clearly reflect how this improved operations and turnover.


When formatting your career history, it is usually always best to list this in a chronological order. Marketers are more often than not hired according to their experience; both regards longevity of career and organizations worked for.

Whilst your history will be closely evaluated, it is important you only market your own achievements at previous (or current) employers. This is your advert, not theirs. If you have stayed with one company for an extended amount of time and received promotion through the ranks; mention this clearly and concisely. Think; what was the key achievement to you getting that promotion? Mention it, spotlight it, showcase it.

Sell Yourself

Marketing professionals are employed to showcase others in the best light; showcasing yourself in the best light is expected on your resume. If it lacks this vital ingredient, readers will be suspicious that you lack confidence.

As a marketing professional, your marketing resume needs to be effective. The readers need to be instilled with a confidence that handing you their precious marketing portfolio will only strengthen their performance.

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