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Writing an Assistant Resume

If you are looking to start out on a career, where the service you provide is to directly support the efforts of another person, or team, you are commonly referred to as an assistant. Positions such as administrative or executive assistant are numerous, can be extremely rewarding; both financially and personally, and make for a varied working life.

However, creating a winning assistant resume could be more stressful than writing resumes for other job positions. Assistants are required to have written expression and information ordering abilities and the resume is an excellent piece of paper to evaluate how good you are on these. Then, writing a good assistant resume is something that needs to be approached with enough time, certain things in mind and the right resume builder tool.

How To Write The Perfect Assistant Resume

As with any job resume, you should ensure the font used is neat and professional; use Arial, Times New Roman, or something similar. Also be aware the resume format is clean, easy to read and runs in an ordered, sensible and chronological.

As mentioned above, as an assistant, one of your strengths should be your ability to present things in an uncomplicated way; apply this to the content and layout of your resume.

Secondly, write a clear and concise assistant resume objective or profile. Except from the header, (which contains your name and primary contact details), this should be the first thing your potential employer sees. The assistant resume objective, or profile, is your chance to really to get across how well suited you are to both the role, and the organization you are applying to. Highlight here your active listening, speaking and writing skills, your critical thinking, problem sensitivity, category flexibility and your ability to order information and manage time, for example.

Do not be worried about heavily focusing on your desire to assist others to achieve. If you are serious about embarking on such a career, service orientation is a necessary skill, then, show it!

When giving your career and academic history, it is important to stress areas where you have demonstrated successful assistance to others. Do not preamble in explaining what your entire responsibilities were or are – bullet points will do. Give the focus to the criteria in the job advert and the expectations of the position you are applying to. Answer the questions they are asking of you.

Regarding education, even though there is no specific degree required to become a good administrative or executive assistant, such a 4 year degree is often preferred and a 2 year degree is usually a requirement.

Also consider your activities outside of education or the workplace. Have you organized any parties, a family get together, vacations and the like? If you have, mention these.

To be successful today an executive assistant must have a broad level of skills and be creative in managing new situations. So, when building an assistant resume, you need to lean on those areas of life where you are required to be the doer and the person responsible for getting things done. This will be looked for, so make sure the reader can find it easily.

Once you are satisfied with the resume content and layout, have the document proofread by a couple of friends or family members. You cannot check a resume for errors too many times. It is important to remember that if you have made a mistake, or missed something once, you are likely to repeat the error. As somebody’s assistant, you will be required to check the details. Do this for yourself too. Any grammatical errors or typos will immediately jump out of your resume.

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