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Writing Successful Retail Resumes

Writing a retail resume can seem a simple task, and in essence, this is. However, every field has its own specific resume focus and definitely the Retail world is not an exception in this regard. A resume for retail positions needs to sell yourself and will be not complete if you were not able to showcase some very specific skills that most retail employers look for.
What are these key points to create a really successful retail resume? As we continue this article, we are going to tell you some tips on how to write retail resumes that stand out from the crowd and the secret that thousands of people use in order to build great resumes that get them interviews in the retail industry.

How to Write A Retail Sales Resume To Stand Out

The first point and probably one of the most important for writing a successful retail sales resume is having some experience in the retail industry. It includes experience in cashiering, store management, sales and customer service. If you do then you should highlight all of your successes, awards, and promotions that you have earned.

But if you do not have it, there are still ways to get a retail position. Expertise in a specific field can sometimes make up for lack of on the job experience. If you are a technology expert, then your know-how will translate perfectly to computers, electronics and probably one of the biggest fields, video games.

Maybe you have modelled in fashion shows but have never actually worked in a clothing store. Someone who loves to cook would be an asset to customers in a gourmet shop. And you might be an avid reader with no retail experience but just the right person to help fellow readers in a book store.

Retail positions encompass customer service skills, sales skills and knowledge of the product and or services that your company is providing. The more knowledgeable you are about the products and or services the more you can assist customers to purchase what they need and even guide them towards additional purchases. The ability to cross sell is key to being a success in the retail industry.

Any sales seminars or classes that you have completed are important to include on your retail resume. Strong customer service skills are a big part of being successful in the retail industry. Building customer confidence will get you a loyal customer who will not only return directly to you he or she will refer others to you as well.

Problem solving is another important point to add to your retail resume. Many times customers aren’t sure exactly what it is they need and require guidance in a patient and helpful manner. Strong communication skills will help you work hand in hand with your customers in providing them with excellent service.

Being a motivated and enthusiastic sales person who is able to set realistic goals and achieve them in a timely manner will make you stand out in the retail world. Make sure to include any recognition for superior sales or customer service that you achieved in past positions. And any marketing background or programs that you initiated in the past to generate sales, increase business or build brand exposure are key points that you should definitely include in a retail resume.

It is very important that the skills, achievements, education and work experience you have selected should obviously fit in with the retail job preferences that you are applying for. Employers are busy people and, in general, dedicate less than 15 seconds to initially evaluate your resume. Therefore, write a powerful retail resume objective & profile that gives them at glance exactly the skills, abilities and experience they are looking for.

Finally, do not underestimate the importance of choosing a good resume format in this regard. Ensure that your resume has a clean and professional layout and highlights in an attractive way your strengths to the retail field.

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