Sales Resume Objective

Powerful Sales Resume Objectives

If you are considering applying for a sales job or any other job for that matter, you are going to need a resume with a powerful sales resume objective or profile.

You see, in this day and age, many individuals are looking for jobs. If applying for a sales job, this competition probable is even worse, as, in theory, all candidates are “good sellers”.Thus, your resume for sales jobs must stands out from the crowd and a well written sale resume objective or, even better, sales resume profile, can do it for you.

Sales Resume Objective or Sales Resume Profile?

The standard sales resume objective is a statement which expresses an employment goal in one or two short phrases and tells the employer what your target sales job is or what you want to do. A decade ago, no resume was complete without a resume objective. Although, nowadays resume objectives statements are gradually becoming obsolete and we do recommend replacing it by a powerful sales resume profile on your sales resume.

The objective is more focused on the candidate (what you want) when the resume profile is more focused on the customer (employer) and what benefits you offer to the hiring company. For this reason, replacing the objective paragraph by or including it in a valuable ‘resume real estate’ profile will emphasize more information about your sales accomplishments and experience, which are much more valuable to recruiters.

Writing a Winning Sales Resume Objective & Profile

The profile should be a statement placed at the beginning of your resume, right below the header with your personal and contact information.

The goal of this section is to show a hard-hitting opening statement packed with your skills, abilities, personal attributes and accomplishments in the sales field. This statement should include also your career objective.

The most effective sales resume profiles are that targeted on one career goal. If you have more than one possible objective, you must consider drafting different versions for your resume profiles/objectives.

Keep in mind that this section helps the hiring manager determine if you should be called for an interview, or not. So, it is a valuable investment to get the sales job interview you are looking for.

Writing a good sales resume profile is essential to make it really sharp. Pay attention to the following EasyJob´s tips for building a perfect one:

  • Use numbers and percentages: Nothing is more impressive in a sales resume than explaining specifically how you increased revenues and profits, improved product or service quality, etc.
  • Relay your value: Briefly weave your top selling points into your resume opening statement and try to prioritize those which better match with the job’s description.
  • Light it up with keywords: Fill your summary with keywords related to your specific sales field.

Sample Sales Resume Objective by EasyJob

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