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Writing A Successful Human Resources Resume

Writing a successful HR resume could be more stressful than writing resumes for other job positions. Human Resources professionals are required to know how to evaluate and select a professional based on his/her CV/resume. Therefore, their own resume is an excellent piece of paper to show how good they are doing it. For that reason, writing good HR resumes is something that needs to be approached with enough time, certain things in mind and the right resume builder tool.

Information Needed In A Human Resource Resume

While all resumes share a similar form and content there is specific information needed in a human resource resume that will be unique to that type of resume. As with any resume you want good grammar and writing.

It is smart to update your resume every few months so that it is always current and up to date.

Someone in human resource will need to have a very particular set of skills as human resource positions will be giving assistance to employees, acting as counselors and discussing both professional and personal problems. They will train employees, develop and maintain benefit programs, have up to date information on labor relations and unions as well as help with hiring new employees and more. Your human resources resume needs to display all of these skills that make you an excellent human resource candidate.

The main message you want to get across in your HR resume is that you understand how human resource policies will impact the goals of the company. You should make sure to draw notice to any job responsibilities that prove you understand or have experience with this. You need to go beyond just listing your previous job functions and show how you made a difference to the previous companies you have worked for.

While you will have some similar headings such as education, employment and references you should also include a section on HR skills and policies. This section, commonly known as resume profile, would outline any involvement in development of HR policy, improvement in employee retention, improving morale, contribution to effective recruitment and benefits program, training of employees, introduction of new HR system, any organizational development you have done, leadership participation and any organizational development you may have done if a company merged or down sized.

Many times instead of using a chronological resume someone in Human Resources may be better off writing a skill based resume. In this resume you can give more detail on your skills and experience in human resource. This expansion provides much more information than simply listing your job title.

Most individuals actually have job titles that are completely unrelated to their job goals and by mentioning your skills along with the job title, or directly replacing it by skill headings, you are painting a much better picture of what you can do and what you have accomplished in the past. If you have extensive experience in human resources then you may need to divide your skill sets into sections, though this will entirely depend on your background.

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