IT Resume

Writing A Successful Information Technology Resume

If you are writing a resume to applying for IT job positions, don’t make the gravy mistake of thinking that a proper IT resume could be created as a simply variation on a standard resume version; often requiring not a great deal of editing from one resume position to another. Definitely, when writing an IT resume, the traditional rule book has to take a rear seat. Being a highly specialized, (and fragmented), field, IT resumes are required to match this.

IT Resume Format & Content

Not only is the format different, but the way your information technology resume will be processed differs from other industries. For example, an IT resume should focus clearly on the specialties & technologies indicated in the job advert; use of technical language will not only be expected to be lent upon, but defined and intelligently used for example. As if further complication was needed, this language needs to be delivered in an organized, controlled and efficient way.

To make sure you are covering all these aspects and will build the best content & format for your IT resume, take a look at EasyJob Resume Builder demo right away. EasyJob is the unique resume builder software that comes with thousands of specific resume wording samples & resume templates for the IT industry which will help you to easily describe and present your technical knowledge, experience and skills in a professional way.

How to Write an IT Resume

When writing your first draft IT resume, spend some time checking you have all relevant skills covered; this means both Soft and Hard skills of course. Be prepared to think a little laterally too; whilst a certain application has not been mentioned in the advert, will it be key to project delivery moving forward?

Whilst getting your wide range of experience across in as concise a way as possible is fundamental to having your information technology resume read, (and re-read), it is also important to demonstrate your non computer skills.

Increasingly, IT professionals have to deliver training, workshops, presentations and chair public discussions. A result of this is a reliance on networking and social skills of course, which should be highlighted but not lingered on. Use the resume profile section and its specific phrase examples available on EasyJob´s resume software to emphasize them. Put especial attention to those technical knowledge & professional skills you have and that are clearly required by the job ads.

Any resume needs to be laid out in the right way; this is no different for an information technology resume. Both for impact purposes and as an indication you know how to deliver complex and varied information in a clear way this is fundamental. The format itself however is very much dependant on you, as an individual. Although, no matter which is your style or career situation, EasyJob and its over than 25,000 resume templates will allow you select the best one for you.

For example, if you have had a settled and progressive career, (and your application is clearly a natural step), your achievements should be listed chronologically. However, if you are looking to step into something that does not lead to a natural progression, (or your history is fragmented), listing your achievements in order of importance will sell you better. Both resume styles, and much more, are available with EasyJob.

Even as headers generally tend to have only a bit part to play in a resume’s success, information technologies resume bucks this somewhat. If any of your achievements have been certificated and allow you to use these as suffixes; use them. This not only has excellent impact on the reader, but shows the hiring manager you are a professional who takes his or her responsibilities seriously.

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