Manager Resume

Sell Yourself with A Great Management Resume

If you are a manager looking for a great job to lead a company, keep in mind that your resume and cover letter presentation package is your starting point. Your manager resume is the first impression that a prospective employer has of you, making it not only the initial, but also the most crucial step to get you the job interview.

An effective management resume must sell you by detailing your strong skills and explaining what is the value added proposition you have to offer in a quickly and clearly manner. Managers have to be able to deliver highly motivated and effective performance in all area of management. It requires a lot of management abilities like leadership, communication and team skills. These are what prospective employers are looking for and if you emphasize them properly on your resume you will stay ahead of your competitors. Don’t loose this opportunity! Download EasyJob Resume Builder and create your winning manager resume right now!

How to Write a Manager Resume

Getting a job as a manager will require you to create a profile of yourself that gives who you are and what you can do in full detail. This will determine your future employment with a prospective employer.

That’s why is important to create a manager resume that gives a full view of who you are and what you can do as a head responsible for an area, company, etc. An employer will have a specific guideline that they follow in order to determine future employment, so, guide them to your strengths.

When writing manager resumes, an attention grabbing resume objective or profile is mandatory. The resume profile should be a narrative statement at the beginning of your resume that clearly shows the main reasons why you should be called for an interview. Create a powerful manager resume objective or profile that emphasizes your value added proposition as the experienced and successful executive you are. Concisely demonstrate the kind of problem solving professional you are, the diverse management experience applicable to broad range of opportunities, markets, and industries you have, etc.

Resume Education Section: Details of your education are very important. You will need to show these people that you are indeed pure management material. Include what types of business classes you have had and let them know about your computer software expertise. Being proficient in Excel, PowerPoint presentations, etc is also a plus as all these things will show prospective employers that you are the well prepared business man they are looking for.

Absolutely put down any degrees or licensures, especially if they pertain to the job requirements. A degree shows an employer that you were able to follow through with something. In the world of management follow through is almost everything.

Work Experience & Achievements: Good managers are defined by their results and accomplishments and your management resume must be able to easily show them up. When writing yours, more than simply list your work experience and job tasks, focus on those special achievements that you have reached in each job experience. Met and exceeded quotas and accomplished delegated objectives, instituted creative improvements that allow for more efficient managing of work flow, etc. are good examples to consider.

Previous jobs or internships: If you are a MBA student or have ever had a job in management or even interned in the area then you will want to put that down. It is crucial to your resume to include aspects such as past employment and life skills.

Manager Resume Skills: You must illustrate on your resume some specific skills that you may have pertaining to a managerial position. You may know how to manage and motivate people, to delegate, to prepare good presentations, speech, etc. These abilities may seem like minute experiences to you, but for an employer they will mean that you don’t have to be trained in these areas. This will save them time and energy all things that they don’t want to expend.

Other facts: If you have any other type of skills or life experiences that have to do with a management position you should definitely include them. This is especially true of any leadership roles that you have had in your private life or in the past. Maybe you were a camp counselor or a club president. These are all things that have proved you to be a leader and able to handle a management position.

Finally, include a fabulous resume cover letter that highlights your personality and you are sure to get the position of manager in any company.

Manager Resumes by EasyJob

Writing a resume specifically geared towards a management position is not hard if you use the write tool. You just need to make sure that you sell yourself and your skills within a well designed resume format. With EasyJob you will be able to make yourself out to be the professional any employer will want to hire. This specialized manager resume software comes with thousands of specific resume wording samples for manager positions that are going to make your resume writing skills a whole lot better. If you want that professional look with that professional content & touch, then download EasyJob Resume Builder right away.