Accounting Resume

Writing A Successful Accountant Resume

As with any position today; looking for a job in accounting is tough. With an ever growing emphasis on education throughout the world today too; there are many more qualified people applying for a job than would have a year or even six months ago.

Based on these facts, ensuring you have a winning and stand out accounting resume will give you a better chance of securing that career path. Although, it is something that needs to be approached with enough time, certain things in mind and the right resume builder tool.

The first thing to remember when building your accounting resume is that it will need care and attention. Before anything else, ensure that you have all dates of certification clearly defined; with all validation information given in full. Stress that you are happy for this history to be checked independently; without your prior notification.

It is also necessary to have a clear definition of your educational history. Through high school and college; demonstrate areas outside the curriculum that you excelled at too, particularly if of an accounting field. As you move onto outline your higher education; focus on the studies that you consider defining in your choice of career and obviously the certification awarded that set you on the path. Distinctions; merits; and any letters of commendation can and should be referenced here.

When moving into your employment history; keep it simple and in chronological order. Whilst it is necessary to give an overview of your roles and responsibilities on your accounting resume, do not linger here. Instead, give your achievements such as instances where you saved your company money; increased profit streams; or developed clientele spend and quantity. Make sure you have used figures to express and quantify these accomplishments. Accounting professionals are expected to show their ability to handle numbers and clearly communicate using accurate figures, including at their resumes.

You should also show those areas where you have taken the lead on projects and demonstrated quick and effective skill building. A leader and a learner are words to bear in mind here.

If you have areas you specialize in; put some focus here specially when writing your resume objective & profile. You may have an in depth knowledge of 401k plans, employment taxes which should shine. If you have any experience on foreign accounting systems and methodologies too; list these. Not only will these show again your ability to learn and lead, but will also place you well for future promotion opportunities.

Whilst being good with numbers is an obvious criterion for an accounting position, it is also important to promote yourself in a clear, concise and grammatically correct way. The final thing you should do before submitting your accounting resume to your future employer is have a friend or family member proof read it.

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