Sales Resume

Sales resume that stands out from the crowd should jump out and scream: hey, I have what you are needing, I can sell those pharmaceutical products or whatever you want to sell! Sales resumes must be result-oriented, emphasize your sales achievements and skills, and include all your sales expertise. EasyJob reveals the top secret on how to write a good resume for sales step by step.

Sales Resume Objective

If you are considering applying for a sales job, you will need a resume with a powerful sales resume objective or profile. Your resume for sales positions must stands out from the crowd and a well written sale resume objective or, even better, a sales resume profile, can help you to get it! Tips on how to write a good sales resume objective, sales resume objective sample, .

Retail Resume

Writing a retail resume is not a difficult task, however, as in every field, the retail world has its own specific resume focus that you need to know to write successful retail resumes and get the interview. A resume for retail positions will be not complete if you were not able to showcase some very specific skills that most retail employers look for. What are they?

Project Manager Resume

Writing a Project Manager resume can seem a simple task; although you need something to make your project management resume stand apart from the crowd. So, it is essential to use resumes to show employers in a concise and attractive way what value you can bring to their project team, your managerial skills, your over budget performance, implementation and use, etc.

Nurse Resume

Your nurse resume must be a powerful marketing tool able to sell yourself and to get you an interview. Then, your nursing resume should let your prospective employers easily understand your personal value proposition to the nurse job position. Sample nursing resume, nurse resume objective …

Marketing Resume

Write an effective marketing resume can be a very stressful time. Not only are you introducing yourself to the hirer, but you are also demonstrating your skills as a marketer. Marketing resumes should promote the job seeker to a prospective employer in a convincing and attractive way… Sample marketing resume, tips an much more.

Manager Resume

A manager resume must sell you by detailing your strong skills and explaining what is the value added proposition you have to offer in a quickly and clearly manner. An effective management resume requires emphasis to management abilities like leadership, communication and team skills. Write great manager resumes with EasyJob Manager Resume specialized software and stay ahead of your competitors.

IT Resume

If you are writing an IT resume, don’t make the gravy mistake of thinking that a proper Information Technology resume could be created as a simply variation of a standard resume version. Writing IT resumes requires a different format and a proper technical content. IT resume sample, professional IT resume writing tips and much more.

Internship Resume

The internship resume is a little bit different to the typical employment resume. Your personality, your studies, grades, interests here are really relevant to companies and you must be able to present all of them on your internship resumes in a professional and attractive way if you want to be selected. Internships resume samples, tips and much more…

HR Resume

Writing a successful HR resume could be more stressful than writing resumes for other job positions. For that reason, building a good Human Resources Resume is something that needs to be approached with enough time & certain things in mind like… HR resumes samples, templates, writing tips and much more.

Engineer Resume

Engineer resume has a very simple format. The keys for writing an effective engineering resume are to properly emphasize the candidate’s technical skills and to keep in mind the prospective employers´ requirements. Tips on how to write engineers resume, engineer resumes samples and much more.

Customer Service Resume

Creating a winning customer service resume could be more stressful than writing resumes for other job positions. Customer service representatives are required to have strong communication skills and customer service resumes are an excellent opportunity to evaluate them. Free customer service resume tips, samples, customer service resume skills and much more.

Resume Assistant

An assistant resume could be more stressful to write than resumes for other job positions. Assistants are required to have written expression and information ordering abilities and the resume will allow employers to evaluate them. Then, writing a good administrative assistant resume or executive assistant resume is something that needs to be approached with certain things in mind and the right resume builder tool.

Accounting Resume

Ensuring you have a stand out accounting resume will give you a better chance of securing that career path, but writing a successful accountant resume requires to have certain things in mind, like . Accounting resumes samples, templates, writing tips and much more.

Professional Resume

How to Make a Resume that Improve Your Professional Image & Salary Level Professional Resume’s Relevance A professional resume, besides of being polished, consistent, attractive…

Resume Help

Extra Resume Writing Help for Special Situations If you don’t have a standard long and consistent work history, you desperately need a resume that captures…


Career Specific Resume

No size fits all. Different professionals require different, customized resumes. Find career specific resume writing help to make your resume stand out! Nurse, Assistant, Engineer,…

Word Resume

EasyJob has the resume builder software you need to easily create an unique and professionally designed word resume format.

Winning Resume

A winning resume is the one that get you interviews! Learn how to write a winning resumes in no time with EasyJob Resume Builder. Winning resume sample, examples, templates; powerful resume wording and much more…


Targeted Resume

A targeted resume is nothing more than creating the right resume to the right employer. Targeted resumes are crucial for building a CV that gets read and lands you interviews. EasyJob has the resume creator software you need to learn how to build a targeted resume like a professional resume writer.

Job Resume

The resume, also called job resume, s the first impression that a prospective employer has of you. It is a marketing tool and also the most crucial step you take in your job search. Learn what a resume is and how to write a good one with EasyJob Resume Builder. Job resume sample, powerful resume wording examples, 25,000 jobs resume templates and much more…

Template for Resume

Searching for a good template for resume? EasyJob has all templates for resume you need, at your fingertips and for free! The templates for resume created by EasyJob Resume Creator have hundreds of headings, sentences, verbiage, stationery and other sample content to choose from to create individualized resumes.

College & Student Resume

College Resume: If you are a student, just graduate or have no experience, there are some specific no experience resume writing techniques that you must know to write great first job / student resumes. Consider your schoolwork as the equivalent of work as it required tasks & skills similar to those required in many jobs. Student resume sample, example & templates by EasyJob…

Senior Resume

Writing a Senior Resume? EasyJob has the resume builder software you need to learn step by step how to write an eye-catching senior resume and get a great job! Specific designed senior resume templates, samples, wording examples and much more…

Resume Search & Scannable Resume

A resume today, before than be read, must be found in electronic resume search process. EasyJob is the only resume builder that writes scanner and electronic search friendly resumes with keyword-rich resume content.

Executive Resumes

An outstanding executive resume is a MUST, not a plus. EasyJob has executive resume sample, templates, formats, tips on how to write winning executive resumes like a professional resume writer…

Sample Resume Format

With the EasyJob sample resume format, you can apply for hundreds of jobs quickly and easily. EasyJob has the sample resume format that suits your style and your job application. Whether you’re applying for your first or fifteenth job, EasyJob is where you’ll find wining resumes and cover letters that get you noticed, and get you interviews.

Writing Resumes

When writing resumes, you have different resumes writing options: resume services firms, write resume yourself or buy good resume software. How to choose the best option for you? … EasyJob is like having the best resume writers at your beck and call, 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Resume Experience

How to write a powerful resume experience section? Your work experience is one of the most meaningful part of your resume. EasyJob, with its thousands of resume experience sample, wording examples, etc. reveals the best resume experience writing tips to stress your achievements and potential value.

Resume Services

Looking for a Resume Service? EasyJob is a top quality resume writing service at low cost. Great resume wording, over than 25,000 resume templates and our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranty makes this resume builder one of the best resume writing services program.

Resume Style

EasyJob Resume Builder has the right resume style for you. All you need to know about the different resume formats (chronological resume, functional resume, etc.), resume types, samples, templates, wording examples and much more resumes.

Resume Skills

A poor description of your resume skills could be the reason of low salary offers or, even worse, no job offers at all. EasyJob comes with many resume skills examples, writing tips and sample resume skills heading that you can easily paste into your profile and modify to fit your needs.

Resume Scanning vs. Resume Reading

It is a fact; recruiters scan resumes instead reading them word by word. Then, how to make a resume that efficiently show them within 10, 15 seconds that you have those qualifications they are searching for? EasyJob is the resume creator software you need to write a resume that stand out in the resume scanning process…

Resume Service

… EasyJob is much more than a resume service! There are many resume writing services available, but unless you pay them a fortune, they will use, over and over, the same resume templates and generate resumes that all look exactly alike. Easyjob, the best among resume builders, is the resume software you need to learn how to write an effective resume like a professional resume writer.

Resume References

There is a mixed advice from recruiters on resume references. Should I include them or not? . No matter your decision about including or not references in your resume, EasyJob Resume Builder will take care of it and will help you to include your references contact details in a professional and convincing way.

Resume Profile

A Resume Profile, also called “Career Summary” or “Resume Opening Statement”, is one of the most decisive components of a winning resume. The profile is different from the resume objective. EasyJob resume builder is the software you need to learn how to write an impressive resume profile, resume profile sample, resume objective writing examples and tips, and much more…

Professional Resume

A professional resume, besides of being polished, consistent, attractive and without any typos, needs also to improve your professional image and increase your salary level. EasyJob will show you step by step how to write a professional resume that will leverage your profile for higher paying jobs. Professional resumes formats, samples, templates and writing tips.

Resume Preparation & Resume Tools

EasyJob is the most powerful, cost-effective “do-it-yourself” resume tool software that comes also with a great resume preparation section, resume templates, writing tips, etc. It is specialized in creating resume and cover letter writing tools that get you interviews! Free download demo here.

Resume Outline

EasyJob has the resume creator software you need to learn how to write an effective resume like a professional resume writer. Resume writing samples are included with this indispensable guide and writing resume tips abound

Resume Education

Resume Education Section: You can successfully present your education on your resume even if it’s non-traditional or incomplete. EasyJob Resume Outline Builder helps you present your education in a brilliant way, even if you hove not finished your degree. Sample education resume wording, resume education experience, … Free download EasyJob Resume Outline Builder here!

Resume Objective

Learn how to write a resume as a professional resume writer with our resume objective tips and examples. A modern version of resume objectives must include also what you can do for your future employer… Benefit from having a variety of great sample resume objective from which to choose with EasyJob Resume Builder software.

Resume Achievements

EasyJob Resume Builder writes winning resume outlines with powerful achievements. Resume achievements are the most important ingredient of a good resume outline. EasyJob includes resume achievements sample, tips, and resume achievement examples that will lead the prospective employer to your accomplishments at the first glance.

Resume Maker

Looking for a Good Resume Maker? EasyJob is the best on the market! EasyJob is resume maker software that offers you the knowledge and advice of the best professional resume writers. Make resumes and cover letters that get you interviews! Free Resume Maker demo download here!

Resume Key Words

What are resume keywords? Why resume keyword is a Must? When you write a resume, you need to include key words that define your abilities, skills, education, etc. these keywords might be used to find your resume/CV in a keyword search of a resume database. EasyJob is the unique resume builder software that comes with a complete list of keywords for resume examples be easily pasted in your resume. It constitutes a guarantee for your resume to be scanned and retrieved.


Resume Formats

Choosing the right resume formats could be crucial for getting the interview. That’s why EasyJob Resume Builder comes with over 25,000 free resume formats to help you. You just need to select your personal situation and EasyJob will build the best resumes format for your specific situation.

Resume Guide

EasyJob Resume Guide: Free download the best resume writing guide software. Get access to the secrets of successful resume writing. This amazing resume guide software give you all help you need to land the job you want. It provides automatic editorial assistance; cv guide and writing tips, resume examples and more than 25,000 resume templates.

Resume Format

The resume format is one of the most important factors appreciated by recruiters. It must be clear, logical, well ordered and easy to read. EasyJob has the resume maker software you need to create the best resume format for you. Resume format sample, free resume formats, resume formatting basics and much more. Free download demo here!

Resume and Cover Letter

EasyJob is a resume and cover letter builder software that comes with more than resumes and cover letters examples. The best resume and cover letter samples and tips from the experts and the secrets of the professionals are all here.