Resume Experience

Resume Work Experience

Your work experience, also called “professional experience” or only “experience“, is the most meaningful part of your resume after the resume profile. The Experience section must give the evidences that you actually did what you said you did at your resume profile.

Even if you are changing careers, your resume work experience section tells the recruiter what kind of employee you are or will be, what result you can produce, and the career path you have chosen. It will also be a major focus of your job interviews, so spend time perfecting this part of your resume.

How to Write the Resume Work Experience Section?

Before beginning to write your work or employment history, it’s important to know that:

Employers are more interested in true responsibilities and achievements than in job titles or job descriptions.

Employers have neither the time nor the willingness to look at unrelated job titles to try to figure out if the applicant actually acquired skills related to the position he or she held. The important thing is the work you did, the skills you acquired and the achievements you attained.

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Most Job Titles Have Little Meaning

It often happens that people receive job titles with very little meaning outside of the industry, company or even department they work for. If one of your titles doesn’t accurately reflect your duties, change it.

Two Common Resume Work Experience Writing Mistakes

  • Don’t write work histories that read like job descriptions. Some job seekers go so far as to copy job descriptions literally. The result is a boring summary of job duties without indication of actual job performance.
  • Don’t use bullets to outline work histories, since this might dilute the impact of achievements.

The key is to emphasize skills and achievements and provide proof of your potential value. Describe what you did when you had a specific job title. Did you manage a special project or serve on a decision-making committee? Be sure to mention how your skills made a difference.

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