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Nursing Resume to Get a Great Nurse Job

You have spent the past few years going to college in order to fulfil your dreams of becoming a nurse. Your clinical are finished and you have passed your NCLEX, the only thing that is left to do is to get the job of your dreams. You can achieve those dreams by simply writing an effective nurse resume.

A job resume is a paper that you will create to list all of your life experiences and past jobs. Although, it must be a powerful marketing tool able to sell yourself to employers and to get you an interview, and not a simple grocery list. Then, your nurse resume should let your prospective employers easily understand who you are; what kind of things that you know how to do and your personal value proposition to the nurse job position.

Well, how can I create a good one that covers all these aspects? Continue reading this article and we are going to tell you some tips on how to write that nurse resume; how to stand out from the crowd and last, what is the secret that thousands of people use in order to create a winning nursing resume and get hired on the nurse job.

How to Write An Effective Nurse Resume

Any resume will include such things as your name and address, but when you are creating a resume specifically geared towards a nursing position then you will need to put special attention to some specific points.

Certifications will be one of the key things that you need to include in a nursing resume. Whether you are an RN, LPN, or a CAN you will need to include an employer with your state licensure number.

Past jobs in the nursing and health care fields will likely be one thing that an employer will want to look at. In this section of your nurse resume, more than list your work experience and job tasks; consider also those special skills and expertise that you have and are essentials to be successful in the field of nursing. Remain calm and professional under pressure, ability to empathise with patients, etc. are good examples.

Education is an aspect that you will need to include also, especially where you did your clinical training. You probably will want to include some of the classes that you have taken that might pertain to the job of nursing. If you have taken abnormal psychology or microbiology then they may want to put you in an area that specializes in these subjects. Any classes you have taken will count towards your life experience as well your clinical.

Write a powerful nurse resume objective or profile that emphasize your value added proposition as a specialized professional nurse, demonstrate the kind of individual you are and the skills, knowledge and experience you have that are clearly required by the job ads. The resume profile should be a narrative statement at the beginning of your nursing resume that clearly shows the main reasons why you should be called for an interview.

Additional Nursing Resumes Writing Tips

Including specific things that you know how to do that pertains to nursing is important. List such things as taking vitals; operate nebulizers or patient lifts, etc. Anything that can help get you the job needs to be put here.

Testing scores: In order to become a nurse you will be required to take an exam called NCLEX. This exam will determine your licensure and most employers will want to know what you scored. If you have a good score, show it up at your resume.

Criminal history: Nursing positions in general require a background check done. Specifically the employers will want to know if you have had any type of drug charges on your record since you will be dealing with medications on a daily basis. They will also want to run your licensure number through the state data base to ensure that you have not had charges of battery against a patient. Either one of these charges could prevent you from working in the health care field.

Nursing is as much about who you are as what you can do. Then, make sure also that you include a cover letter that highlights your personality. By including all of these aspects in your nurse resume you will most likely get the interview for the nurse job you have worked so hard for.

Nurse Resume Builder by EasyJob

A nurse resume is just like a standard one with the exception of specific skills and education pertaining to nursing. It means that besides to demonstrate the depth of your knowledge, skills and experience in this field, you should also take care of your resume format & resume wording.

To make sure you are covering all these aspects and will build the best nurse resume you can, we highly recommend you taking a look at EasyJob Resume Builder. This resume software comes with thousands of specific resume wording samples for nursing positions that will make your resume writing skills a whole lot better. If you want that professional look with that professional content & touch, then download EasyJob Resume Builder right away.

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Nursing Resume to Get a Great Nurse Job.

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