Engineer Resume

Engineering Resume Essentials

If you are an engineer looking for a new engineering job you must be able to send in an engineer resume that catches the attention of the employer and get you that interview. Your resume is the first impression that you make on an employer and initial impressions are important!

Happily, engineering resume has a very simple format. The keys to writing an effective one are to properly emphasize the candidate’s technical skills and to keep in mind the prospective employers´ requirements.

How To Write A Good Engineer Resume

When writing a good engineer resume, first of all you should clearly show your engineering technical skills. To achieve this, add concisely your technical expertise summary and a quick scan of your knowledge of programs and applications.

Secondly, make a list of the engineer job advertisement’s requirements. Write down all of your own skills, experience and knowledge in great detail and compare them to the position requirements. Group required skills or areas of experience and label them with skill headings that are a close match to the employer’s needs. Different jobs will require different requirements, make sure that you only put in relevant information to the position that you are applying for.

You should then have your recent positions listed and the company that you were employed at. Under each position, you should list the duties and responsibilities that you undertook while in that role and that are required by the specific engineer job. Mention also the starting and ending date of the position held.

Next, list what education you have completed and any qualifications or certifications that you hold in some particular engineering field, such as a Civil Engineer degree and the college that you graduated.

Finally, pay attention also to some general resume writing aspects. Ensure that you have all the correct contact details on the top page of your resume. Put your email address on your resume. Nowadays employers are using email as a first contact option more often than any other alternative. If your email address is not very professional sounding you may want to sign up for another email address for you application process.

Engineer Resumes Writing Tips

Sometimes, employers´ will expressly require your references. When it occurs, it is recommended that you use from 2 to 5 references. These people should be professionals that you have previously worked with and that know previously they have been listed as one of your referees.

To ensure that your resume looks good, is grammatically correct and free from spelling mistakes, ask a family member or a friend to have a read through your resume to make sure that is correct.

Do not lie on your resume either, if you have a period of unemployment list that on your resume, you may have been unemployed due to family commitments or study.

If a resume is not presented in a neat and professional manner, prospective employer may not even give it a second glance. Remember you want this resume to stand out from the crowd, list your best qualifications and get you that great new job!

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