Resume Format

The resume format could be chronological or functional, but it must be clear, logical, and well ordered, if it’s going to catch the recruiter’s eye. The right resume style for you will depend on your personal situation.

How Important is the Resume Format

The resume format is one of the most important factors appreciated by recruiters. It could be chronological or functional, but it must be good, clear, logical, well ordered and easy to read.

Choosing the correct resume format can be a difficult task, nevertheless it could be the deciding factor that will gain you an interview and possibly the job you want.

Resume Formatting vs. Resume Wording

Job seekers often make the mistake of manipulating the information to fit in a given format.

Resume format shouldn’t be primary consideration when preparing the resume. It is more advisable concentrating on marketing yourself, with powerful resume wording, and leave to EasyJob Resume Maker the issue of formats.

EasyJob makes the process of formatting a resume a really automatic and easy job, even though you have NO idea about document designing and presentation. This resume maker program gathers all the information necessary to write your resume in a simply step by step process, then offers you more than 25.000 brilliant resume formats which will allow you show your CV with an effective, easy to read and attractive appearance.

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Types of Resume Format

There are two basic resume format styles:

  • Chronological Resume: The chronological resume format is designed to present your career information by dates, beginning with your present or most recent position. This resume style stresses the positions you have held and the companies where you have worked.
  • Functional Resume: The skill-based or functional resume format emphasizes your abilities and accomplishments without providing detailed background information on where and when you acquired these skills.

The Best Resume Format Depends on Your Situation

Selecting one resume format or another will depend also on your personal situation. Besides the resume layout issues, for building the best resume format for you, it is also important to define your individual, professional situation. EasyJob Resume Maker will propose the right resume outline according to, for example, the following options:

Basics of Format for Resume:

The important thing about resume format is not to be impatient trying to speed up the process of writing your own resume.

Give yourself a reasonable period of time to organize and enter your personal information data into EasyJob Resume Maker. This resume maker will help you in organizing your thoughts before starting to write. It takes time to remember all the skillsyou have developed over several years, and review achievements you may have forgotten.

Recalling methodically your past career without hurrying or feeling pressure helps you write a winning resume and gives you an excellent background for the interview.

You must be familiar with your achievements before the interview. You won’t have time in an interview to assess your abilities or discuss in detail your qualifications, and explain the kind of future you want.

The wording and format of your resume must do this for you, and it can, provided that you give a reasonable amount of thought and time to its preparation. So, don’t risk the time you spent completing your degrees as well as the years of hard work, sending a resume you created in only a few hours. Take your time and for more information, take a look at:

Resume Format Sample by EasyJob

Once you define your own situation, type into our Resume Maker who you are, what level of education and work experience you have, and other details the program will ask you for.

Your answers create a comprehensive, individualized database from which you select the most relevant data for each resume, according to the principle of “the right resume format for the right employer at the right time.” Then, you just need to choose the resume format sample you prefer among the 25,000 resume templates that this program offers to you.

Selecting the Right Format of Resume

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