Resume Search & Scannable Resume

Resume Search & “Scannable” Resume

From Paper Resumes to Electronic Resumes

A few years ago scanning resume seemed to be an emerging way to inventory these documents at a external recruiter and large company levels. These companies scanned paper resumes into electronic resumes. It has changed with Internet and today most of companies directly request to job seekers to send their resumes on electronic formats like pdf, word, txt or html.

Although it is a fact that scanning never really stuck and companies could supersede the process to convert paper resumes into electronic resumes with Internet and electronic mail technologies’ advent, the resume writing techniques for creating a good resume to get results in the resume scanning and resume search process are the same and keep still in force nowadays.

More than 95% of large companies, and a growing number of small ones, use computers to sort the hundreds of resumes they receive. When hiring managers need to fill a position, they search those electronic resumes for keywords (the same way you search the web with Google or other search engines) that describe the qualifications they want in a candidate.

Resume banks, such as, HotJobs, Jobs or Dice also search resumes using keywords.

If you don’t describe your skills, education and experience using the keywords used by hiring managers (called ‘skill headings‘) your resume won’t be found and you won’t get interviews!

A Keyword-Rich Resume Is of Vital Importance for Resume Search

With this new technology, a “scannable” / search friendly keyword resume has become an essential job hunting tool because, when these companies put your resume on file, your qualifications are ready and waiting to be retrieved, not languishing in a desk drawer.

Writing Search Friendly Resumes

Before you post your resume to a company, you will need to make sure your resume’s design is computer search friendly, so that a computer can read it, and so that it can be found easily by your intended audience.

Stylistic touches that are easy on a human’s eyes may not be so easy on a computer scanner; nevertheless a resume can be attractive and still be scannable and computer search friendly.

Resume Content Rich in Keywords & Search-Friendly Resume Templates

If you use EasyJob Resume Builder, your resume, in addition to show a powerful content, present your skills in an impressive way, and display your achievements in a credible and convincing manner, will also be scannable and search friendly.

EasyJob Resume Builder creates winning resumes without graphics or formatting that a computer might misinterpret, improving keyword resume searching.

Moreover, EasyJob’s list of hundreds of skill headings examples to be easily pasted or rewritten in your resume as well as 25,000 scanner & search-friendly resume templates, constitute a gold mine for you to find skills almost forgotten and a “scannability and search insurance” for your resume. Check it out NOW for FREE!

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