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Learn how to create a well-written, professionally-formatted resume that contains all necessary keywords to attract attention whether it is being scanned into a resume system, indexed and searched online, or read on paper by a human.

Post Your Resume on Internet

No job search is complete today without the World Wide Web job search and the Internet resume posting. Among the numerous web sites dealing with employment, you can find job-search sites through which you can post your resume, attend an online career fair, search for jobs by key word, location, industry, company, and connect to college and universities home pages. In addition to these Internet resources, you can find more career resources through professional associations’ sites and online career magazines.

Write a Resume for Electronic Search

A growing number of companies use computers to sort the hundreds of resumes they receive. These companies scan paper resumes into electronic documents (believe, it still happens!) or directly request resumes on electronic formats. So, when hiring managers need to fill a position, they search their electronic resumes for keywords, in the same way you search the web using a search engine (such as Google). With this new technology, a keyword rich resume has become an essential job hunting tool. EasyJob Resume Builder helps you to write a resume especially designed for electronic search by providing several scanner-friendly resume templates, resume keywords examples and much more. Check it out NOW for FREE!

Posting Your Resume by Email

The fastest way to respond to Internet job listings is directly posting your resume on the Internet job banks or to e-mail your resume and cover letterto the person or organization indicated. However, there are some rules for you to follow:

  • First of all, do not email your resume unless specifically requested to.
  • E-mail is not an exact science. Sometimes the document is not received or arrives corrupted and illegible.
  • Many people are cautious of opening attached files from unknown sources making possible for a resume that has been attached to be neglected or deleted.
  • You have 15 or 20 seconds to get someone’s attention using email. In that time, you must convince the recipient to a) open your email, b) read your message, and c) not delete your email.

Click on the following link for more help on how to email a resume correctly.

Write & Post a Resume By EasyJob

When you use EasyJob Resume Builder to write & post your resume, the well-written, “skill- oriented” resume format that you can select from the application, will contain all of the necessary keywords to attract attention whether you post, copy , fax, email or scan it into a resume system. Check it out NOW for FREE!

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