Resume Skills

Writing Skills on Resume and High-Paying Jobs

Many people focus all their energy on the task which appears to be most important to them, ignoring things that other people might consider important. When it comes to resume skills, job-seekers have what physicians call “tunnel vision”; they use to describe their experience with terminology used only in their industry and tend to present a weak version of their skills. This often limits their ability to see how these skills can be “transferred” or applied in other jobs or careers.

Employers are more concerned about your skills and abilities, rather than your actual job title or the particular fields you’ve worked in. A strong resume must pull together your experience from other fields and show an employer how that experience relates to his or her needs using a good selection of functional and transferable skills you have from past work experience.

Low salary offers or, even worse, no job offers at all could be the result of making a poor description of your skills, work experiences and job titles when writing your resume.

Techniques for Writing Skills on Resume that Maximize Your Job Search Success

Brain researchers state that most often we make use of only a low percentage of our brain; in the same way, we usually are aware of a small number of our abilities that we consider important.

With EasyJob’s resume skills headings long list you will be able to do something like “resume skill mining” identifying many abilities you gained while working at other jobs. Finding resume skills with EasyJob Resume Builder and describing your skills list with words that employers can understand, is one step ahead towards a 100 per cent of interview rate. Check it out NOW for FREE!

Resume Skills That Employers Want to See

To maximize job search success you must learn how to identify what are the skills employers are looking for and to tailor your resume to match those needs. As you write your resume, it is very important that you think broadly about your skills leaving behind the tunnel-vision.

EasyJob’s features “resume skills based” or functional resume that you can chose from the resume maker, is the right solution to this problem. Moreover, EasyJob’s list of hundreds of skill headings and skill sentences examples to be pasted or rewritten in your resume, constitute a gold mine for you to find and put skills on resume which you almost forgotten or to reveal others that you even did not realize to have.

Resume Skills Examples & Samples by EasyJob

EasyJob Resume Builder software comes with many resume skills examples and sample of resume skills heading arranged under broader general terms that you can easily paste into your resume and modify to fit your needs.

If you are responding to an ad, select from EasyJob’s resume skills examples those skill headings that most closely match the requirements given on the ad; if they are a close match you will look more qualified than the majority of applicants because most people do not pay attention to how their skills match employers’ needs. Check it out NOW for FREE!