Resume Writing Mistakes

Resume Writing

Writing a Resume Error Free

Writing a resume error free probably will not be enough to get you the interview, but for sure will give the recruiter enough reason to reject yours from the selected resume list. Writing a resume without the most common resume mistakes on format & wording is one the most important step to get the interview and the job you want.

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Free Resume Writing Tips to Avoid the Most Common Resume Writing Mistake

Here are some free resume writing tips to help you avoid the most common resume writing pitfalls related to:

Resume Format

  1. Too Long Resume or Too Short.
  2. No Resume Objective or Resume Profile
  3. Resume without a Cover Letter
  4. Attempting One-Size-Fits All Resume
  5. References Placed Directly in Your Resume.

Resume Wording

  1. Inappropriate Resume Wording
  2. Non-Specific Achievements.
  3. Leaving Out Important Information
  4. Lying in Your Resume.
  5. Neglecting to Mention Key-Skills on Resume

Too Long Resume or Too Short.

The job resume is your career marketing tool and must be focused only on your key selling points for your current goal.

Past experiences unrelated to your current job objective should be left aside. Despite having no rules handling the resume length, you usually need to limit yourself to a maximum of two pages. But if you have trouble getting your resume down to one page, EasyJob Resume Builder will help you coming straight to the point. Check it out NOW for FREE!


No Resume Profile/Summary or Resume Objective

By not describing, on top of the first page, what your qualifications are, you force the hiring manager to read the resume all the way through to figure out what kind of job you are suited for.

The “high-speed resume reading” that most recruiters and human resource personnel have to do is greatly facilitated by a short professional biography, commonly called resume profile, of no more than 10 lines.

This summary or resume profile is one of the most decisive sections of EasyJob’s methodology reflecting all your professional qualifications, areas of expertise, skills and achievements at the top of the page so that recruiters can see them at first glance. Check it out NOW for FREE!

For help on writing a:

Resumes without Cover Letter

A job resume never travels alone. The other important tool in the EasyJob Resume Builder’s presentation package is the resume cover letter, which must always accompany the resume you send.

If your resume catches the eye of the recruiter, he or she will go back to the cover letter to get a feeling for the personal side of you, as well as to evaluate your written communications skills. So, the cover letter may have a more limited value than the resume, but it is still an essential part of your job search package. What’s more — if your resume cover letter is poorly written or does not communicate well — it can keep your resume from landing you the interview you need.

Thanks to its Guru help-system EasyJob Resume Builder will give you both a better resume and a better cover letter than you’ve ever had before. And that means a much better chance of landing job interviews! Check it out NOW for FREE!

For help on writing a:

Attempting One Size Fits All Resume

If you have more than one career goal, the best strategy is to develop several resumes that target your different job objectives.

Instead of preparing a “one-size-fits-all resume” you have to create several “made-to-measure” resumes to capture the attention of hiring managers and get the job interview.

Employers want you to write a resume specifically for them. They expect you to clearly show how and why you fit the position.

EasyJob’s strategy and postulate is “the right resume for the right employer at the right time”. Download EasyJob Resume Builder demo here!

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References in the Resume

The reference information is usually not included in EasyJob’s resume templates since most employers won’t take the time to check references until after an interview.

In spite of that, a special feature is included in the software to record references in the resume if they were needed further on.

For help on writing a:



Irrelevant Information, Too Many Words to Say Too Little and Hard to Read.

Do not include company addresses, supervisor names, or phone numbers on your resume! Omit also marital status, age, sex, children, height, weight, health, church membership, etc.

Try to match the job requirements of each position you seek emphasizing relevant experiences, skills and accomplishments. Say as much as possible with as few words as possible. Use white good quality bond paper, black ink, plain type, and include symbols only to make the resume easier to read, not fancier.

EasyJob provides you with more than 25,000 professionally designed resume templates for your resume, omitting irrelevant information and emphasizing skills and accomplishments. Check it out NOW for FREE!

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Showing Only Job Descriptions without Accomplishments.

Resumes aren’t job descriptions. Generalizations and descriptions of positions without mentioning the size of past employers or achievements are not impressive.

A job resume must include specifics — numbers, percentages, details — that communicate how well you performed in the workplace.

Recruiters hate resumes that are, for instance, too long; too duty-oriented, reading like a job description without explaining the candidates accomplishments.

Employers have neither the time nor the willingness to look at unrelated job titles to try to figure out if the applicant actually acquired skills related to the position he or she held.

The important thing is the work you did, the skills you acquired and the results you achieved. Remember, employers are more interested in true responsibilities and achievements than in job titles. Check it out NOW for FREE!

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Leaving Off Important Information

You may be tempted, for example, to eliminate mention of the jobs you’ve taken to earn extra money for school.

Typically, however, the soft skills you’ve gained from these experiences (discipline, work ethic, time management) are more important to employers than you might think.

EasyJob Resume Builder encourages young people looking for the first job to mention these experiences and gives “skill-finding” examples taken from those experiences. Check it out NOW for FREE!

Neglecting to Mention Key-Skills

EasyJob’s list of hundreds of skill headings and skill sentences with keywords that employers can understand and often use in job ads, improves keyword searching of scanned resumes and resume banks, helps in finding skills almost forgotten and, constitutes a “scannability insurance” for your resume as well as one step ahead towards a 100 per cent of interview rate. Check it out NOW for FREE!

* All resume writing mistakes compiled in this section are direct quotes taken from interviewers and professional resume writers.