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Word Resume

EasyJob has the resume builder software you need to easily create an unique and professionally designed word resume format.

Sample Resume Format

With the EasyJob sample resume format, you can apply for hundreds of jobs quickly and easily. EasyJob has the sample resume format that suits your style and your job application. Whether you’re applying for your first or fifteenth job, EasyJob is where you’ll find wining resumes and cover letters that get you noticed, and get you interviews.

Resume Style

EasyJob Resume Builder has the right resume style for you. All you need to know about the different resume formats (chronological resume, functional resume, etc.), resume types, samples, templates, wording examples and much more resumes.


Resume Formats

Choosing the right resume formats could be crucial for getting the interview. That’s why EasyJob Resume Builder comes with over 25,000 free resume formats to help you. You just need to select your personal situation and EasyJob will build the best resumes format for your specific situation.

Resume Format

The resume format is one of the most important factors appreciated by recruiters. It must be clear, logical, well ordered and easy to read. EasyJob has the resume maker software you need to create the best resume format for you. Resume format sample, free resume formats, resume formatting basics and much more. Free download demo here!

PDF Resume

A PDF resume is the best option when your resume will be read by a person and not by a computer or will be sent by e-mail or uploaded to your blog/website. Learn here how to easily create a successful and professionally designed PDF resume, without being a graphic designer or needing any extra 3rd party expensive software.

Career Resume Builder

EasyJob Career Resume Builder software includes resume formats and resumes wording suggestions. Free download our resume builder program and get started to create an attention-getting resume that will stand out even during high-speed resume scanning.