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Age Bias & Senior Resumes

Looking for a job can be a distressing experience. No matter how able you are, the hiring process can diminish your self-esteem if you are not prepared for that.

For those job-seekers who are near or more than 50 years old, the process can be even harder. Age bias still exists. It is unfounded, but it exists.

EasyJob will provide you with a strategy to overcome age discrimination by writing a specific senior resumes that will get you great interviews and job. FREE download EasyJob demo here and check it out NOW!

Near or over 50?

You can get a great job creating a outstanding resume with EasyJob´s Senior Resume Sample!

Writing a Winning Resume for Senior Job-Seekers

Resumes are usually discarded in less than 10 seconds. Given the amount of resumes that most HR departments receive, they can only devote a few moments to review and discard resumes they consider inappropriate for the position or company. Ageism could seriously damage you during this step of your job-search, depriving you of a legitimate chance to land an interview.

To avoid this situation, there are several considerations you should keep in mind while writing your senior resume:

  • Not to list everything from your career information database, but only the last 10 or 15 years.
  • List in your resume the most recent and high-level positions; doing that, you are not lying by omission but making a truly relevant and brief resume.
  • Write a powerful resume profile. This is a hard-hitting opening statement, packed with your most impressive skills, abilities, personal attributes and accomplishments. Its goal is to grab the employer’s attention and make sure he or she reads the rest. Consider it as an ad for your resume. EasyJob Resume Builder provides you with examples and resume wording samples. Note that these resume summaries, together with your achievements, are the most crucial sections of a winning resume for senior job-seekers.
  • Remember to cite achievements for each one of the positions you list, since they are extremely important in your case. Your accomplishments for previous employers are the most convincing reasons to hire you. These aren’t promises. They are facts.
  • Eliminate old dates from your educational credentials; the institution attended and degree awarded are sufficient

In a nutshell: your knowledge, years of experience and achievements are a terrific asset and your senior resume must present them in a sharp, focused, assertive and pro-active way. Your have strong ‘selling points’, take advantage of them building a correct resume for senior professionals.

Senior Resume Samples, Formats and Templates by EasyJob

EasyJob helps you write a senior resume in a credible, attention-getting way with specific senior resume sample and resume wording examples. Our resume builder also includes an ‘achievements oriented’ resume format, specifically designed for senior or over 50 job seekers.

“EasyJob Resume Builder” is the only one with resume formats and resume building rules aimed at the senior job-seeker!

Creating your outstanding senior resume with EasyJob is a breeze: you only need to select your personal job-search situation (near or over age 45 and more) and follow the resume maker’s instructions. EasyJob will reconfigure itself to match your specific needs and will also help you with lots of senior resume samples. Both the resume and cover letter as well as wizard instructions will be adapted to your job-search situation. Check it out NOW for FREE!

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