Chronological Resume

Chronological Resumes

A chronological resume presents an individual’s information in a timeline approach beginning with the most recent educational or work experience. This kind of resume is designed to present your career information by dates, beginning with your present or most recent position.

The chronological resume format is the most appropriate for those individuals who have continuously stayed and expect to progress in the same career direction. Employers tend to prefer this type of resume because it is easier to see the jobs held by the individual.

Making a Good Chronological Resume

The standard components of a chronological resume include identification, objective, qualification summary, professional experience, educational background, affiliations and interests and references.

How To Write A Chronological Resume

The first section is identification which should include the individual’s name, phone numbers, email address and postal address.

Next is the resume objective section which should explain the type of work the individual wants to do and it should be kept to between two and four lines.

The third section, which is the qualifications summary or resume profile, must be an executive summary of the whole resume. Key accomplishments and qualifications that would potentially grab an employer’s attention should be identified and summarized. It is better to first list those accomplishments that are the most relevant to the position the individual is currently seeking.

The professional experience of the individual, which is the fourth section, should include an individual’s job title, company name, dates of employment and major accomplishments at the job. All the job experiences must be listed in reverse chronological order with the most current experience at the start. The accomplishments must be listed in bullet form. It is better not to include job responsibilities and duties.

Next is the educational background. This section should include schools attended, years of attendance, any degrees obtained and honors and awards received.

The affiliations and interest section which comes after the educational background should include only professional memberships and non-controversial activities and interests. The final section of the resume is the references section. Here, names of references do not have to be included only a statement saying that reference would be available on request.

In conclusion, a chronological resume is made up of six components. It is conveniently written with work and job experiences in a reverse chronological order, appropriate for employers to skim through due to their time restraints.

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