How to Make a Resume with Time Gaps

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Making a Resume with Time Gaps in Your Work History

If you have time gaps in your job history, there are some especial considerations that you shouldn’t overlook when making a resume. Please read on. We have especial resume writing tips to help you make a great resume!

Being out of work for short periods of time, do not need any explanation in your resume. You can simply take out any mention of gaps shorter than one year, and just refer to the years you were employed such as “2007-2010”.

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How to Make a Resume Handling the Time Gaps

On the other hand, if you have rightful reasons for major gaps, such as going to school, having a child, or taking care of someone of your family, you can simply state this on your resume.

You could, in some situations, handle one of these gaps by putting the alternative activity on the resume with dates, just as you would do with any other job.

If you are currently unemployed, your other alternative is to write in some interim activity such as being self-employed. Even if that means that you are doing odd jobs.

Be aware that many people in the workforce experience some unemployment each year, even those who now are bosses have experienced being out of work themselves and may have more understanding of your situation than you realize.

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