Resume Style

Functional Resume vs Chronological Resume: What is the best resume Style for You?

Basic Resume Styles/Formats

There are two basic resume styles, or also called resume formats:

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume

Chronological Resume

The chronological resume is designed to present your career information by dates, beginning with your present or most recent position.

This resume style stresses the positions you have held and the companies where you have worked. The chronological resume format is most appropriate for people who can show a long labor history with no large gaps between jobs; also when you are not changing drastically your career direction.

Functional Resume

The skill-based or functional resume style allows you to play down gaps in your experience since it emphasizes your abilities and accomplishments without providing detailed background information on where and when you acquired these skills.

This resume format is especially suitable, among other situations, for students entering the job market for the first time, recent graduates with little work experience, people who are going back to the job market, and job seekers in the middle of a career change who want to emphasize their transferable skills.

These skills may have been gained through paid employment, volunteer work, and hobbies.

The Right Resume Style for You

Choosing among the different resume styles, the right one can be a difficult task, nevertheless it could be the deciding factor that will gain you an interview and possibly the job you want.

Selecting one resume style or another will depend on your personal situation. EasyJob will help you to define your own situation and propose the right resume style according to the option you made.

Once you define your own situation and start to write, EasyJob, by means of its “guru at your beck and call” help system, will also help you describe your duties, detail your achievements in an impressive way and, identify skills you acquired and label those skills according to the skills headings used in want ads and job descriptions.

For this purpose the application provides you with hundreds of skill headings examples and “skill-finding” techniques that allow you to more effectively present the work you did and the skills you gained.

What’s more? With EasyJob write your resume using a functional or chronological style is as easy as click on the right button option of the program: chronological or functional. No matter your personal situation, EasyJob Resume Builder will take care of both the format & the content of your resume as professionally as the best professional resume writer can do. Check it out NOW for FREE!