Resume Profile

A Well Written Resume Objective/Profile Will Get You Noticed

A “Resume Profile”, also called “Career Summary” or “Resume Opening Statement”, is one of the most decisive components of EasyJob’s resume writing methodology.

The resume profile is different from the resume objective statement. The first one is more focused on the customer (employer) and what benefits he or she will receive if hiring you. The objective is more focused on the candidate. For this reason we do recommend to use a resume profile instead of an objective as it is stronger choice for most.

Resume profiles statements feature your skills, accomplishments, and career level, and can also include your career objective as well, but with the advantage to look more attractive and interesting to recruiters.

This short resume profile statement highlights your abilities and facilitates in a great degree the “high-speed resume scanning” that human resources personnel have to do.

Even though profiles can be a little longer than objectives, because a single job posting might attract thousands of resumes, yours has to get noticed by this short professional biography of no more than eight lines.

Third-party recruiters are more than glad to see a strong summary of qualifications, because it provides them with the points they need to sell a candidate to their customers (employers).

You should write powerful, but honest, advertising copy that makes the reader immediately perk up and realize that you are that person he/she is looking for.

With the resume profile samples and thousands of resume wording examples you will get when using EasyJob, you will easily write impressive and sharp resume profiles statements that also take into account your personal job-search situation. Our resume builder software also allows you create and save as many profiles you need, and choose the one you prefer to add when creating your resumes. FREE download EasyJob demo here and check it out NOW!

Resume Profiles Goals

The goal of this section is to show a hard-hitting opening statement packed with your skills, abilities, personal attributes and accomplishments. Depending on the job-search situation that you have selected from the several options given by EasyJob Resume Builder software, this statement should include also your career/resume objective.

The most effective resume profiles are that targeted on one career goal. If you have more than one possible objective, you must consider drafting different versions for your resume profiles/objectives. Keep in mind that this section helps the hiring manager determine if you should be called for an interview, or not.

Before You Start to Write Your Resume Profile

Before starting to write, conduct some research about your ideal job; compare, for instance, the ads and make a list of common requirements for your ideal position. Draw up a list of your top skills to be included in your resume profile. If you have any trouble assessing or writing down your skills, EasyJob will help you with hundreds of resume skill sentences and other resume writing examples that you can copy and paste.

Include also a note of your career achievements to show your dedication to results.

Tips on How to Write Good Resume Profiles

To write a good resume profile is essential to make it really sharp. Use the following EasyJob´s tips for writing a perfect resume profile:

  • Relay your value: Briefly weave your top selling points into your resume opening statement and try to prioritize those which better match with the job’s description.
  • Light it up with keywords: Fill your summary with keywords related to your career field.
  • Promote your certifications: Mention certifications, advanced degrees you hold, like CPA, a law degree, etc.

Resume Objective Writing Example vs. Resume Profile Sample

Sample of Resume Objective:

“An Operation Manager position at International Corporation companies with business in Mexico, Spain or in any other Spanish speaking countries.”

Click in the following link to to read more about resume objective tips and samples.

Resume Profile Example:

Now, here is one of the resume profile examples that you can easily write with EasyJob Resume Builder: Check it out NOW for FREE!

“Master of Business Administration with substantial experience as Operation Manager. Proven ability to provide the highest level of corporate services while consistently reducing expenditures. Fully knowledgeable in all aspects of warehousing, purchasing, security, facilities planning, staff management and cost control. Bilingual English and Spanish. Established competitive bidding for maintenance contracts reducing 30% overhead costs and increasing service quality.”