Resume Key Words

What is a Resume Keyword?

When you make a search on the Web, you need one or more terms to define the subject you are looking for; these terms are called keywords.

When you write a resume, you need to include words (key words) that define your abilities; these skill headings are also called resume keywords.

Then, resume keywords are the nouns, adjectives, and sometimes verbs and short phrases that describe your experience and education that might be used to find your resume/CV in a keyword search of a resume database. They are the essential knowledge, abilities, and skills required to do your job.

With Over Thousand Millions Resumes in Online Resume Banks, How Will YOURS Get Noticed?

Employers search resume banks using keywords. Write a good resume with the wrong key words and you’ll NEVER get interviews.

What is a Rich-Keywords Resume?

To increase the accuracy of a search on the Web, you should use a specific keyword or skill headings instead of a broader one; for instance, if you are looking for pages on hepatitis use this specific term instead of the more general liver diseases.

To enhance the chances of motivating employers to meet you, your resume should be packed with resume keywords or skill headings that have special meaning to hiring managers.

Why Resume Keywords are a Must?

As nowadays most companies collect and keep a database of electronic resumes. They search this database for keywords (key words) that describe the qualifications they want in a candidate, when hiring managers need to fill a position.

This is like using a search engine to find a web page about something you are interested in.

With this new technology, resume keyword has become an essential job-hunting tool because, when these companies put your resume on file, your qualifications are retrieved, not neglected or lost in the search.

How to Write a Good Resume Using the Right Keywords?

Many job seekers use to describe their work experience with terminology used only in their industry and tend to present a weak version of their skills on their resumes. This often limits their ability to see how these skills can be “transferred” or applied in other jobs or careers.

Finding resume skills with EasyJob Resume Builder and describing them with keywords that employers can understand and often use in job ads, is one step ahead towards a 100 per cent of interview rate.

Samples of Keywords for Resume

If you are responding to an ad, select from the EasyJob’s list those resume skills that most closely match the requirements given on the ad. EasyJob’s list of hundreds of skill headings, resume keywords samples and skill sentences examples to be pasted or rewritten in your resume as well as 25,000 resume templates constitute a guarantee for your resume to be scanned and retrieved. Free download EasyJob Resume Builder demo here!

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