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Graduates & Graduates CV

Graduates have several challenges. Firstly, if they have not worked whilst at university, they face similar issues to the school leavers, as they probably don’t have a lot of work experience related to the job they want. Beside it, graduates use to make a couple of basic mistakes when approaching their graduate CV writing process:

  • They can be too hard on themselves and they lack the confidence to emphasize their knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes; or
  • They can be Mr. Know-It-All. This profile truly believe that their degree confers upon them superhuman status and that this will do all the talking.

If one, or both, of this is your case, we assume that: first, you are young; second, you earned your degree recently; and third, you have plenty of hope and motivation. Your graduate CV, especially your graduate CV profile section, should transmit to prospective employers this state of mind.

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Graduate CV Tips

Employers are increasingly interested in well, rounded applicants, and while high academic achievement is clearly desirable, they will be looking for evidence that you have made most of all opportunities afforded you at university. So getting involved in clubs and societies, or giving something back to the community through voluntary or charity work will well received.

Consider your schoolwork as the equivalent of work because it required self-discipline, completion of a variety of tasks similar to those required in many jobs. Leadership skills, team work, presentation skills, and so on can be gained by getting involved in extra curricular activities and must be highlighted in the graduate CV. Most job seekers have far more valuable skills and experience than they realize, and usually fail to include those ’employability assets’ in their graduate CVs. In our competitive job market, this is a mistake you can’t afford.

Graduates are about the only group of people that have employers coming to them en masse doing the Milk Round. So, take advantage of this situation and make a great graduate CV with EasyJob CV Builder.

To help you translate duties into skill headings, EasyJob CV Builder software lists hundreds of CV skills arranged under broader subjects, and provides you with several “skill-finding” examples. Besides, the skill-based CV format that the CV maker will suggest for job-seekers with no experience will allow you to more effectively present the short work experience you have and the skills you gained. Free Download EasyJob CV Builder Demo here.

Graduate CV Checklist

  • Include name, full address, telephone numbers, up-to-date email address (that reflect the professional image you want to portray).
  • Remember to mention full details of all paid jobs you have had and also any voluntary work you have done.
  • Add your full education qualifications.
  • A graduate CV, especially the profile section, should transmit to prospective employers your young state of mind, together with your excellent qualifications for a starting position.
  • Include details of any interests or hobbies.
  • Emphasize your achievements and results.
  • Show believable competency statements back up with clear evidences.
  • Include referees on CV graduates (who you have already approached).

Sample Graduate CV

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