Dos and Don’ts Resume Writing & Job Search Advice


Resume Writing Advice to Job Seekers:

  • DON’T Spend hundreds of dollars to have your resume and cover letter written.
  • DON’T Pay more than one fee one time for resume creation and revisions.
  • DON’T Send just 5 resumes when you should have sent 100.
  • DON’T Pay someone else to manage your job search for YOU.
  • DON’T Expect one standardized resume to secure an interview or a job.
  • DON’T Expect unknown websites with poor  resume writing articles made to get good results in Google to tell you all you need to know on resume writing and job searches.
  • DO Make a one-time affordable investment and manage all aspects of your job search efficiently, creatively, and successfully.
  • DO Invest in EasyJob Resume Builder and invest in your own success!

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