Job CV

The Job CV and the Top Ten CV Tips

The job CV is a selling tool that gives an account of your skills and experiences. So an employer can see, at a rapid glance, how you can contribute to the company. The job CV (or resume) is your opportunity to be in the spotlight. It must stand out on a busy recruiters’ desk and grab their attention during the less than two minutes they will dedicate to read your job CV.

Then it is a marketing tool – an advertisement – which the main goal is to get you interviews. You are marketing yourself then, while the integrity of this document is a must, the job CV must present your best experience and detail your relevant skills and competencies that best match to the job description and requirements.

Top Ten CV Tips You Need to Get Started

There are literally hundreds of sites, books and other printed or online documents out there offering tips on how to write your job CV or resume. If you need information on writing CV tips, you have too much of a good thing: too much information, impossible to review or comprehend by one person in any reasonable (or even unreasonable) amount of time.

The scope of this article is to make it easy by selecting the top ten basic CVctips you need to get started. The following CV tips taken from EasyJob’s exclusive “guru at your beck and call help system” are the top ten considerations to be taken when writing your job CV to avoid the unclear and sometimes equivocal statements on the technical literature.

CV Tips 1: Mind Your Language

Make sure the language on your job cv is absolutely spot on. Recruiters will judge your CV on how well you communicate, so choosing the right words, avoiding absolutely all grammar mistakes and spelling errors, etc. is essential. Write positively. It is all about attitude!

CV Tips 2: CV Format is Important

There is no point having great job CV content if it has terrible layout. Bad CV layout is one of the most common reasons that make recruiters do not shortlist your CV. The job CV should contain a clear, concise and chronological format.

CV Tips 3: Keep Your Job CV Short and to the Point

Your Curriculum Vitae is just an enticer, a way to get your foot in the door. It isn’t intended to be all-inclusive.

CV Tips 4: Put Yourself in the Mind of the Reader

Put yourself in the mind of the reader and ask what will make them excited. Your CV is not a list of demands for what you want, so don’t focus on an objective. Replace it with a strong CV profile that list your assets (knowledge, skills, track records, achievements) and show how you will contribute to your NEXT employer.

CV Tips 5: Your Job CV is about Tomorrow, not Yesterday

Concentrate on experience, skills and achievement that prepare you for an even better future and leave out stuff you have gone beyond.

CV Tips 6: Be Specific

Include specifics like “I achieved a 30% increase in sales through the online sales I have introduced”.

CV Tips 7: Customize Each Job CV

Tailor your job CV to each job offer you are applying for. Clearly address the specific requirements called for so that the skills can be easily measured against the job requirements, and then against those of the other applicants.

CV Tips 8: Delete & Rearrange

Check your job CV once, focus on jobs that are relevant to today´s job search and delete the rest. Check it twice and now go back to the sentences you have written and think about their order of presentation. Keep related items together, think logically and from the perspective of a potential employer. Have others read it.

CV Tips 9: Do Not Include Photography

Photos can give opportunity to discriminations, so unless you are blessed by birth being in the top five per cent for traditional good look, or you are an actor, model, etc applying for a job in this industry, do not include photos on your job CV.

CV Tips 10: Do Not Overstate Facts in the Covering Letter

Do not overstate facts in the covering letter that can be obtained from reading the job CV. Use a sharp cover letter that emphasize aspects of your background which have immediate match with the job requirements.

CV Writing Tips by EasyJob

You will be selected or discarded in about ten seconds: that’s the average time a recruiter devotes to each job CV he/she must review. Don’t rush, take your time is perhaps the most important CV writing tip, since this is the most common and serious error.

If you send a quick & dirty job CV, created in an hour, and it doesn’t capture the employer’s attention immediately, all your years of hard work and education are wasted.

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