Student CV

CV for Student

As a student, it can be a challenge to stand your CV out from the crowd as you will have had fewer opportunities to gain the same experience as older job seekers. That is why there are CV´s structures specifically designed for a student CV and EasyJob CV Builder gets them all. Download EasyJob Demo and check it out NOW for FREE.

How to Write a Student CV

Students need to focus more than others on cv layout, grammar, attention to detail, and addressing the selection criteria. Do not try to claim significant experience on your student CV unless you truly have it, because at this stage you are selling yourself on promising rather than past events. Nobody will expect a school leaver to have had years of job-relevant experience, and unless such claims are supported by convincing evidence, you run the risk of recruiters dismissing you as a liar, deluded, or hopelessly out of touch with what experience really means.

Students should highlight key competences that clearly address the selection criteria mentioned in the job advertisement. The student CV must emphasise achievements all the way through. Jobs and schooling must be clearly explained, highlighting what was done well. You may want also to emphasize your adaptive skills that would tend to overcome a lack of experience.

Remember that most students have far more valuable skills and experience than they realize, and usually fail to include those ’employability assets’ in their student CV.

EasyJob CV Builder’s features a functional CV that you can simply choose from the resume maker, which constitutes the right solution to create a really good student CV.

EasyJob CV Builder program lists hundreds of CV skills arranged under broader subjects, and provides you with several “skill-finding” examples to help you translate duties into CV skill headings and allow you to more effectively present the short work experience you have and the skills you gained. Free Download EasyJob CV Builder Demo here.

Students CV Checklist

The following checklist will provide you with a quick reminder of all the key things you need for your student CV:

  • Include name, full address, telephone numbers, up-to-date email address that reflect the professional image you want to portray.
  • Remember to mention full details of all paid jobs you have had and also any voluntary work you have done.
  • Add your full education qualifications.
  • Create a CV profile section that transmit to prospective employers your young state of mind, together with your excellent qualifications, skills for a starting position.
  • Include details of any interests or hobbies.
  • Emphasize your achievements and results.
  • Show believable competency statements back up with clear evidences.
  • Include referees who you have already approached.
  • Print your student CV on high quality white paper.

Student CV Example

Free download EasyJob here and take a look also in a student cv example made by this amazing CV Builder.