How to Write a Resume

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Writing an attention-getting, winning resume is not difficult provided that you have the advice of a good professional resume writer, before, during and after the process of creating your resume and cover letter.

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How to Write a Resume: Step by Step

The how to write a resume instructions below and resume writing tips will help you write a professional resume that gets you interviews!

At the very start, in a step-by-step process, preferably using index cards, you should take notes of:

1) How to Write the Resume Education Section

Because of education is nowadays of paramount importance in getting a high-paying job, you must record your educational achievements in both secondary and higher education on your resume, as well as any other type of training courses you have taken.

Your resume education section includes degree or certificates, major and minor courses.

EasyJob’s resume templates will show you how to write and where to place your educational achievements, according to the job-search situation you select (looking for the first job, erratic or short work history, over-50 job seeker, etc).

2) How to Write the Resume Work Experiences Section

When writing your resume, list all of your work experiences, job by job, progressing backwards in time. Use an index card for each job.

Identify skills you acquired by your participation in those experiences and label skills according to the skills headings used in want ads and job descriptions.

Add your work experiences, paid and unpaid, full time and part time.

Describe your duties and, most important, detail your achievements in an impressive way. From the notes, choose which skills are transferable to the job you are applying for.

3) Write Your Other Skills, Language & Computer Knowledge Section

Write down on your resume all your other CV skills as well as the proficiency level.

4) Order Cards by Resume Skill Headings

In this way, similar experiences will come together naturally when writing your resume, and their inclusion or exclusion in the resume will be easier.

5) Write Resume Achievements

Nothing is more impressive in a resume than explaining specifically how you increased revenues and profits, improved product or service quality, or increased operating efficiencies or reduced costs. Then, convert duties into resume achievements and catch the recruiters` attention.

6) Write a Resume Profile

The Summary of Qualifications or resume profile is is the most decisive section of your resume. The Profile, also called Overview, should reflect all your professional qualifications, areas of expertise, skills, and personal conditions.

Emphasize on your CV those qualifications that best match the requirements of your prospective employers. In writing the resume profile text, use short and concise phrases, presenting the best of your education and professional life.

Now, with all this information at hand, you are ready to write your resume.

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