Chronological & Functional Resume Template

Using The Right Resume Template

Creating a resume is difficult enough for most people, but trying to choose a right resume format on top of that can be downright torturous. There is an extense resume templates range available on Internet: from the classic reverse chronological resume template, beginning with your most recent job and moving back, to the functional resume template sample, focusing on skill areas and experience; and, of course, the combination of the two, providing a snapshot of your responsibilities and skills for each job position listed.

Let’s face it, choosing the right free resume template to use can be confusing.

Most people will simply choose one over another based only on preference, instead of carefully studying which one boosts his or her professional image.

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Free Resume Templates Tricks

There is a trick, however, to resume templates that should not be overlooked, and that is that each format has unique features about it that can help minimize failed job situations while maximizing your responsibilities and skills. Knowing which resume template samples are right for you can save you hours of time and stress, and give your interviewer the best possible impression of your professional abilities.

Chronological Resume Templates

The reverse chronological resume template has historically been the format of choice for most job hunters, simply because everyone knew how to do it.

The focus of this template is on your work history, beginning with your most recent job and moving back. The problem with this format is that it works best only for people who have held jobs in uninterrupted succession to each other. Job seekers with gaps of unemployment or with little work experience are shortchanged since their history could quite possibly be perceived as negative.

It’s true that some employers might prefer this format, since it is easy to skim over and highlights career progression, but if you are just starting out in the workforce or have had periods of unemployment, stay away from the reverse chronological format.

There are also better ways to provide this “quick scanning” or skimming in resume templates, without having to use a reverse chronological format. It’s called a resume profile and is one of EasyJob’s resume outline conerstones.

EasyJob Resume Builder has specific resume templates for different jobseekers. Either if you:

  • are looking for your first job
  • have a short work experience
  • have gaps in your work history
  • are returning to the job market after a long period of unemployment
  • have a long and consistent work experience
  • are near or over fifty and fear that “ageism” might hurt you

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Functional Resume Templates

Functional resume templates are a much better choice for those with less than stellar work history. Functional resume focuses on your skills and abilities rather than time spent at each individual job, and can be used to demonstrate expertise and accomplishment in a certain area.

You may have changed jobs four times over the past two years, but if you’ve held consistently similar responsibilities, point the spotlight on those. With a functional resume, it is acceptable to eliminate start and end dates for job positions, putting a shinier spin on your company-hopping ways. It can also be used for new graduates to include experience gained in college without appearing arrogant or naïve.

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Combinations of Both Resume Templates

A combination of the styles of these two resume templates can be useful for those with a steady job history as well as a variety of responsibilities and skills. Designating one section for abilities and areas of expertise can highlight your accomplishments and talents while a reverse chronological work history can help an employer determine your value as a potential employee. If you’ve got the history and skills to back it up, the combination approach is a smart choice.

In a Nutshell…

Regardless of your choice of resume templates, focus on communicating your best assets to prospective employers so that they realize you are a serious professional with the ability to learn, grow and change.

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