Email Resume

Emailing Resume

Internet has definitely brought a new way of distributing resumes. Mail with a stamp is still useful, to be sure, but e-mails exploded becoming quickly the standard for resume transfer and storage. In fact, nowadays emailing resumes are so prevalent, especially for those Internet-related industries, and and should be your first priority when distributing your resume.

How to Correctly Email Resumes

Email resume is an excellent option, as long as they do not depart too far from the general look and layout of a traditional resume.

Basically, there are two kinds of email resumes. One is emailing the resume as an e-mail attachment. The other is the resume as a text copy inserted into a Website’s input form or pasted directly into an e-mail.

Emailing a Resume as Attachment

This is the easiest method with the fewest implications to email your resume. You simply take the file of your resume and attach it to the e-mail message. If you are using EasyJob Resume Builder, you can email your resume in a simple step without leaving EasyJob. Just click and email. EasyJob will take care of the rest. Download here EasyJob demo and check it out NOW for FREE!

We recommend you that you attach your resume in e-mail communications instead of pasting it directly into the e-mail message. The recruiters will invariably print out your resume if you are selected to an interview. So, if you have a good version attached, that will be easier to read than will a text-only file that might be difficult to sort through.

Remember that e-mail is also not an exact science. Sometimes the document is not received or arrives corrupted and illegible; if you send it as an attachment and the recipient does not have the same software, he may not be able to open the document. In both cases, the busy hiring manager may not have the time to tell you that there was a problem. Then, give preference to email resumes in pdf format.

Email a Resume as Text Files – ASCII Format

Another way to email your resume is as a text file. Offering a resume in ASCII format means you are providing the bare content of your resume in text, without graphic elements and neither tabs, bullets, boxes. This can make creating an effective resume presentation without the ability to format actually a more difficult task.

EasyJob, our resume builder, lets you create an ASCII resume to email as text file with a single click and is probably one of the most affordable applications to create good ASCII resume documents. EasyJob can also create a PDF resume, HTML resume, MS Word resume and email it in a single simple step. Download here EasyJob demo and check it out NOW for FREE!

Tips on Emailing Resumes

Do not email your resume unless specifically requested or instructed to. Politeness is worth considering in human relations; in the employment-search process being courteous is of paramount importance and, it always pays. Emailing unsolicited resumes, apart from being impolite, might be considered by many employers as an intrusion rather than a fast communication method.

Take into account that many people are cautious of opening attached files in emails from unknown sources making possible for your attached resume to be neglected or deleted. If possible, follow up the e-mail message with a hard copy of your resume sent by Post..

Email Cover Letter Resume

See the following article for more information on email cover letter resume:

Email Resumes & Cover Letters by EasyJob

EasyJob helps you to write a convincing and professionally designed resume to be perfectly sent by e-mail. Our resume builder lets you also create any online resume format and email it with a single click. EasyJob is probably one of the most affordable applications to email resumes and cover letter: just a single click and without leaving the program. Check it out NOW for FREE!

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