Career Change Resume

Career Change Resume

Career Change & Resume Update

While our economy is in dire straits, a huge number of people are facing the prospect of finding a new job. Some of them should consider a complete career change to improve their possibilities to land a new job.

In this scenery, the updating of the career resume is a requisite for winning interviews in a very competitive job market. And the challenging for updating a career change resume is to took into your past working life and pull out all the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes that may be able to make a contribution to the new career.

Keeping your career resume up to date is essential because you never know when you might need to apply for a new job.

There is a chaos theory of career development which parts says that people choose jobs on the basis of chance or unplanned events. So, you never know when you will need a resume in a hurry.

If you have used EasyJob Resume Builder for creating the old career resume, you are lucky since the resume updating task will be extremely easy, even if you have more than one career interest in which case, instead of trying to construct a one-size-fits-all document you’ll be wiser developing your different versions of career change resume.

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Writing a Good Career Change Resume Requires Some Homework First…

First of all, clarify your job target and talk to people in your targeted industry to get an idea of the qualifications currently needed. During this process, taking a good career test could be realy useful.

Read ads and search for keywords most frequently used so you may include them in your career change resume if they match your qualifications; conversely, pay attention to skills not mentioned in these ads and exclude them from your old resume so that you do not appear outdated.

Appropriate Formats for Career Change Resumes

Your new career resume must have an accomplishments-driven focus to compete in today’s job market and maximize calls for interviews.

Choose EasyJob’s “achievements oriented” resume format to make your resume stand out in scans of hundreds of resumes and to immediately catch employer’s attention. Don’t worry about emphasizing them; you only have to choose the achievements-oriented resume format and the resume builder program will write a resume that leads the reader to your accomplishments at the first glance.

Nothing is more impressive than explaining how you increased revenues and profits, improved product or service quality, increased operating efficiencies or reduced costs.

Content for a Career Change Resume

Write a hard-hitting resume opening statement packed with your skills, abilities, personal attributes and accomplishments

The most effective profile is that targeted on one career goal. If you have more than one possible objective, you must consider drafting different versions.

Keep in mind that this section helps the hiring manager determine if you should be called for an interview. If you have any trouble assessing or writing down this section, Easyjob will help you with the “guru at your beck and call help system”, examples of different profiles plus hundreds of skill headings and skill sentences examples that you can copy and paste. Check it out NOW for FREE!

Resume Formats & Samples for a Successful Career Change

After preparing the text of the updated resume, it is time to think of formats and resume look & feel. Your career resume is considered your primary marketing document and its appearance is critical.

Your resume must be current in its style and professionally designed. EasyJob provides you with more than 25,000 career resume samples and stationery for your career change resume and cover letter. Free download the demo here and check it out NOW!