Headhunter Services

Should I Use the Service of a Headhunter?

It depends on your individual situation.

If you are over 40 and have highly specialized job experience, a headhunter may be able to help you find the right position.

However, it’s important to consider the following possible drawbacks:

  1. A headhunter cannot afford to devote his/her attention to just one client.
  2. Headhunters are often commission-paid and under pressure to meet hiring quotas for the recruitment companies they work for. This need for speed can be a disadvantage to job-seekers and can make you feel pressured into accepting a position that’s not exactly right for YOU.
  3. Also, many headhunting firms take a percentage of the new hire’s salary for an extended period of time to “pay” for their service.

BEFORE you make up your mind, it’s much safer to spend just $49.95, prepare a Presentation Package that is exactly right for YOU and investigate the job market on your own, using EasyJob as your personal assistant.

Later on, if you decide to employ an executive search firm or headhunter, you’ll be especially well prepared.

While you make up your mind, why not download our free demo and try out our resume maker?

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