Job Search Strategies

There are Two Main Job Search Strategies

  • The first job search strategy is to look for job postings.
  • The second job search strategy is to offer yourself, your experience, talent, and skills to a prospective employer.

In the first job search strategy the job already exists and, in a sense, you are found by the job, which has its origin in the employer who encourages you to go into action and apply for the position. Here you target a job and use strategies to make yourself fit a job.

In the second job search strategy you search for the job. The action has its origin in the job seeker who tries to convince the employer to hire or contract him/her. Here you target an employer more so than a specific job, and you use strategies to discover and/or create a job within a company, based on what you have to offer.

With the first of these job search strategies, you can reach the visible part of the job market, which is actually only a small portion of the total available market. With the second, you hit a big share of the hidden job market, which can be stimulated by your willingness to participate.

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Other Effective Job Search Strategies


One is the personal contacts network that only you can build by talking with people you know to find out about the job market and to get referrals. Many people, however, hesitate to network because they feel awkward asking for help. What they don’t realize is that you networking and asking for help are not one and the same thing.

When you network, you give and take information. You give information by letting people know that you are available for employment and have a presentation package ready to send.

Also, during your job search, you may find a want ad or a job posting that is not right for you, but is a good opportunity for one of your contacts, and you can pass this information on to them. Chances are that when they see something that looks like a good opportunity for you, they’ll return the favor.

You can always ask for information, without asking for help or appearing to be needy. You can ask for advice, industry information, or where to acquire newsletters that apply to your desired or chosen field. Networking does not mean that you go around asking all the people you know for a job! Yet in the natural give-and-take of information that occurs in networking, you might very well find the open door to your next employment opportunity. And, thanks to EasyJob, you’ll have a great presentation package to send when that opportunity arises.

Internet Job Banks and Resume Posting

Internet resources offer another effective job-search strategy. No job search is complete today without surfing the Web.

Among the numerous web sites dealing with employment and resumes, you can find job-search sites often organized by advertising firms through which you can post your resume, attend an online career fair, search for jobs by key word, location, industry, company, and connect to college and universities home pages. In addition to these Internet resources, you can find more career resources through professional associations’ sites and online magazines.

Resume & Effective Job Search Strategies – First Things First

Keep in mind that the job resume is the first impression that a prospective employer has of you and the most crucial step to get you interviews. So, writing a good resume is essential in this process.

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