job interview

Prepare for Job Interview

Once potential employers respond to your resume & schedule an interview with you, the results of that interview are up to you. EasyJob can’t go with you, but it can guide you to prepare a good job interview. Find here a step by step help on how to prepare for a job interview!

Senior Interview

Senior interview and age discrimination: Senior job seekers near or over age 50 will be particularly vulnerable in interviews unless they adopt a positive and well-groomed approach. The toughest questions you will be asked are those related to your age. You cannot avoid the issue, so be prepared to deal with it. Overcome ageism and ace at job interviews with EasyJob.

Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips! Got a job interview, its fine to celebrate, but don’t assume the position is already yours. Getting a job interview means that your resume caught the eye of the recruiter and now that person wants to meet you and know more about you. Tips for job interview, successful job interview guide…

Job Interview Techniques

How to well behaviour in a common job interview? Be aware of the job interview techniques. Interviewer’s questions and attitudes always pursue an objective: If the interviewer stays silent for long periods of time, he/she wants to see …