Job Interview Techniques

Common Job Interview and Interviewing Techniques

Be aware of the interviewer’s professionalism and interviewing technique. His or her questions and attitudes always pursue an objective:

  • If the interviewer stays silent for long periods of time, he/she wants to see how you react to a tense or awkward situation.
  • If the interviewer emphatically disagrees with you and even shows annoyance, he/she is trying to determine how you counteract or respond when faced with a conflictive situation.
  • Or, quite the opposite, the interviewer may show complete and friendly agreement with your opinions so that you’ll be more likely to lower your guard and appear “as you really are.”

Always remember that the interviewer is neither friend nor enemy, simply a professional doing his or her job. You be a professional, too.

The Resume – First Things First

Keep in mind that the job resume is the first impression that a prospective employer has of you and the most crucial step to get you interviews. So, writing a good resume is essential in this process.

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