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College Resume & Student Resume

No Experience, Student, Just Graduate or First Job Resume?

If you are a student, just graduate or no experience professional writing your college/ graduate resume, we assume that: first, you are young; second, you earned your degree recently; and third, you have plenty of hope and motivation. Then, your college resume, especially your resume profile section, should transmit to prospective employers this state of mind, together with your excellent qualifications for a starting position.

And now what?
Welcome to the job market!

Specifically No Experience Resume Structures Designed for Those Looking for Their First Job

A college resume requires specific resume writing techniques. As you probably don’t have a lot of work experience related to the job you want, you will obviously want to emphasize your recent education or training on your no experience resume. This might refer to specific courses you took and other activities that most directly relate to the job you now seek.

Consider your schoolwork as the equivalent of work because it required self-discipline, completion of a variety of tasks similar to those required in many jobs.

First Things Come First When Writing a Good Student Resume

When writing your student/ first job resume,take as much time as you need to make a detailed and thorough account of all your professional activities to date, even those you may consider unimportant. These activities may include:

  • part-time jobs while you were studying,
  • events from your college years,
  • such as short-term projects,
  • periods of in-service training,
  • research projects in which you have participated,
  • term papers or documents you have prepared,
  • presentations made at seminars, workshops, or other meetings.

You should identify skills you acquired by your participation in these experiences and label those skills according to the skills headings used in want ads and job descriptions; in other words, you have to translate your duties into the headings of the corresponding jargon on your student resume.

To help you translate duties into skill headings, “EasyJob Resume Builder” lists hundreds of skill headings arranged under broader subjects, and provides you with several resume skills examples.

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No Experience & Student Resume Sample

The skill-based or functional resume format that our resume maker software will suggest for job-seekers with no experience will allow you to more effectively present the work you did and the skills you gained.

You should also look for anything that might be acceptable as experience and emphasize it. Besides education, this might include volunteer work, training, military experience, or anything else that you might present as legitimate activities that support your ability to do the work that you feel you can do.

Most job seekers have far more valuable skills and experience than they realize, and usually fail to include those ’employability assets’ in their resume. In our competitive job market, this is a mistake a young professional with little or no experience can’t afford.

A job-seeker with a long and consistent work experience might be able to overlook some of his skills and achievements and still get away with it.

If you are looking for your fist job, you can’t. No way.

EasyJob Resume Builder will help you find those skills and present them in a sharp, focused, assertive and pro-active way with a winning student resume. If you would like to try our resume builder, FREE download EasyJob demo here and check it out NOW!

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