Winning Resume

Winning Resumes

A winning resume is the one that get you interviews, no more, no less.

Although this is obvious and simplistic, it is surprising how many job seekers don’t have it clear enough. Winning resumes must get you interview!

How Long Does It Take to Write a Winning Resume?

The answer to this question naturally varies with each person, their job experience, and their particular circumstances.

We suggest you not to be impatient trying to speed up the process. It takes time to remember and define skills that you have developed, and review achievements almost forgotten. Give a reasonable period of time to organize and enter your Career Information data into EasyJob Resume Builder.

Once you have finished the first version of your winning resume, set it aside for one or two days. On taking it up again, you will find some changes to do. EasyJob makes the most efficient use of your resume writing time, which involves these key activities on the part of the resume writer:

  • Remembering and defining your job experience, skills, accomplishments, and talents. Take as much time as you need to make a detailed and thorough account of all your professional activities to date, even those you may consider unimportant. List all jobs you had in the past, no matter how important or unimportant they were, or how long you held the position.
  • Organizing this information and your individual data within EasyJob. The thoroughness of your Career Information Database does not mean that you will cite all of these jobs in your resume. At the right time, EasyJob as well as your good sense, will tell you what information and jobs you should include in the final version of each resume and which ones you should not.
  • Creating a first draft of your resume and cover letter, and then letting it “sit” for 1 to 3 days. It often happens that you remember some of your important achievements a day or so after beginning your resume. If you’ve already prepared your resume you may be tempted to leave out any new information you remember. Yet, this could be the piece of information that one or more employers want to see.
  • Refining and editing the first draft so that you can create an excellent final version of your Presentation Package.

Efficiency is more important than pure speed when writing a winning resume. Don’t risk the time you spent completing your degrees as well as the years of hard work, sending a resume in which creation you have spent only a few hours.

Give yourself the time you need to be sure your winning resume is complete, but don’t procrastinate, either. Once you are comfortable with your resume and cover letter, and have proofed them well, send them on!

Winning Resume by EasyJob

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