Resume Services

Resume-Writing Service

You will NOT get interviews by using the same resume templates that every resume service uses.

A resume writing service could be a good option if you are planning to spend lots of dollars on writing your resume, and repeating this spending every time you need to customize, update or remake your resume during your professional life.

There are many resume services available to you, from online forms to secretarial-type services and employment counseling agencies, and some of them with starting fees from a hundred dollars. Take care, resume writing services are expensive and the really good ones even more.

A really good professional resume service needs to be expensive as it requires, at least, years of experience on recruiting personnel, knowledge and experience on your specific sector or industry and excellent writing skills. So, don’t expect that a really well positioned professional with all those years of experience and exceptional writing and designing skills will be available for reviewing your professional history deeply and writing your resume for a few hundred dollars.

A secretarial-type service makes your resume look good and (usually) error-free for a fee from $ 95 to $200, but a clean, attractive resume is not enough to secure an interview.

As really good professionals are expensive, there are thousands of job seekers that have used the same resume service with resumes and cover letters that employers mistrust because they all look exactly alike. This happens because most resume services use the same resume templates (usually MS Word’s resume templates) for every customer.

Blindly applying a resume template is not the same as analyzing your current situation — student or graduate, short work history, middle-aged job seeker, changing career, gaps in the employment record, etc. and then putting together a resume that is unique to you.

Resume Builders

That’s why resume builders are an effective alternative to resume writing services. And EasyJob Resume Builder program is definitely your best choice!

EasyJob is the most powerful and user-friendlier resume and cover letter builder software, which contains and places at your disposal the knowledge and experience of the best professional resume writers.

With EasyJob’s custom resume writing process, it’s impossible to mass-produce a resume as this powerful resume builder software always takes into account your specific career status and comes with more than 25,000 resume templates! So, every single resume you write will be unique and easily tailored to each job offer!

Besides, the “Guru at your beck and call” help system is like having a highly experienced professional resume writer who will work with you as many hours as you want and need. Check it out NOW for FREE!

Save Money to Make Money with EasyJob

EasyJob Resume Builder analyzes your input and individual circumstances in much the same way an employment counselor would, and advises you on the best way to present yourself through your resume and cover letter—for one low cost. In fact, EasyJob Resume Buildergives you everything all these services offer, and more, for a low, one-time cost! Check it out NOW for FREE!