Resume Service

Resume Builders vs. Resume Writing Services

There are many resume services available to you, from online forms to secretarial-type services and employment counseling agencies.


Blindly filling in an online form is not the same thing as analyzing your current situation and goals and THEN putting together a winning resume that is UNIQUE TO YOU.

Unless your pay them the expensive full price fees, resume writing services will use, over and over, the same resume templates and generate resumes and cover letters that employers mistrust because they all look exactly alike.

EasyJob doesn’t generate resumes; it creates them from scratch. With EasyJob Resume Builder, your resume never appears mass-produced, because with EasyJob’s custom resume writing process, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to mass-produce a resume!


Our Resume Builder Creates as Many Resumes and Cover Letters as You Need

Resume writing services make your resume look good and (usually) error-free, but a clean, attractive resume is not enough to secure an interview.

You need a targeted resume for the job YOU want. In fact, you may need three or four different resumes, each targeted to a different employer with different needs and positions to fill.

The time you spent completing your education and your years of hard work are wasted if you send a resume that is not tailored to YOU AND targeted to the job YOU want.

Even if your qualifications are not the greatest, a well-targeted resume greatly improves your chances of securing an interview. Targeting is part of resume design, and it’s not something secretarial or editorial-type resume services are usually equipped to do for you. EasyJob writes a tailored and effective resumes without requiring you to spend a fortune as in resume service.

EasyJob: Powerful and Affordable Alternative to Expensive Resume Service

A resume service or an employment-counseling agency usually takes your money BEFORE they make you money.

Certainly, it’s fair to pay for a service, but many job seekers are not in a position to spend a lot of money before they make money. Often, the fees set by these agencies are substantial, and many firms do not guarantee the success of your job search. Often, the risks outweigh the results.

EasyJob analyzes your input and individual circumstances in much the same way an employment counselor would, and advises you on the best way to present yourself through your resume and cover letter for one low cost.

In fact, EasyJob, the best choice among resume builders, gives you everything these services offer, and more, for a low, one-time cost! Free download EasyJob demo and check it out NOW!

There is one thing that EasyJob can do for you, that no other resume service or headhunter will: save you money.