Targeted Resume


Build a Resume that Gets Read & Lands You Interviews

Targeted Resumes vs. One-Size-Fits-All Resumes

Job seekers pursuing more than one career goal often make the mistake of building a “one-size-fits-all resume” instead of a proper targeted resume.

The problem with that resume building approach is that the hiring official may get confused about your career objective, or the key information needed to make a decision is buried within the resume.

In order to avoid it and build a resume that gets read and lands you interviews you need a targeted resume, which is nothing more than creating the right resume to the right employer.

Build a Resume Targeted to the Hiring Manager’s Needs

Hiring managers receive hundreds and even thousands of resumes for just a few positions. They frequently rely on fast “resume-scanning” to eliminate candidates whose qualifications don’t match the job requirements, and to save for consideration those resumes which present matching qualifications. In other words, resumes focused on hiring managers’ criteria will get a closer look, and the ones that are unfocused will be discarded.

Several Targeted Resumes Improve Your Chances

If you have more than one career objective, the best strategy is to develop several resumes that target your different objectives.

Instead of preparing a “one-size-fits-all resume” you have to create several “made-to-measure” resumes to capture the attention of hiring managers and get the job interview.

Creating several resumes, each targeted at a given potential employer is a breeze with EasyJob Resume Builder. Using EasyJob all you have to do is make the application’s “acquaintance” by describing who you are, your level of education, work experience, and some other specific information the program will ask you to input. FREE download EasyJob demo here and check it out NOW!

The Right Resume to the Right Employer

The more closely you can target your resume to the employer’s needs, the better your results will be. Then:

  • Target your objective/profile to the job description. If you are applying for an advertised job, write your objective using the job’s responsibilities.
  • Target your experience to your goal. Your employment history should effectively market you for your current job objective. Focus on accomplishments that relate to your goal, and remove job duties and accomplishments that don’t support your and employer’s objectives.

If you are using EasyJob, your answers to the resume wizard will create a comprehensive, individualized database from which you select the most relevant data for each resume, according to the principle of “the right resume for the right employer at the right time.”

With this database (which you can always update and change in the future), EasyJob serves as a guide that helps you manage your job search and improve your professional image indefinitely.

Throughout the process, EasyJob’s “Guru at your beck and call” help-system assists you in inputting your personal information into the database, as well as selecting the output for your targeted resumes. Check it out NOW for FREE!

Sample Targeted Resume by EasyJob

EasyJob Resume Builder software includes resume writing tips, thousands of resume wording examples and sample targeted resumes that will allow you quickly create great customized resumes that get read and land you interviews! FREE download EasyJob demo here and check it out NOW!