Professional Resume

How to Make a Resume that Improve Your Professional Image & Salary Level

Professional Resume’s Relevance

A professional resume, besides of being polished, consistent, attractive and without any typos, needs also to improve your professional image. The type of resume content and format you use will determine the number of interviews you generate, as well as the level of salary offers you will receive.

Resume Content, Professional Image & Salary Level

Professional resumes must be tailored to each job offer. If employers see on your resume unrelated job titles or skills, they will assume that you are not qualified for the job; so, to make a really professional resume, your resume format and content must highlight the most important information about your work experience, skills and achievements.

The best way to make a professional resume that achieves it, it is using job titles and skill headings that relate and match the jobs you want. A good description of your skills and abilities will create the type of professional resume content that determine the number of interviews you get, as well as the level of salary offers you receive.

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Many job seekers tend to present a weak version of their skills limiting their ability to see how these skills can be transferred or applied in other jobs or careers. You will generate many more interviews by modifying your resume and cover letter so that they address the specific resume skills each employer requests.

Use the Employer’s Lingo When Writing Professional Resumes

Another strategy that is extremely important in creating professional resumes and controlling the image that employers develop about you is to analyze the resume key words that employers provide in wanted ads and job descriptions. Using skill phrases and power words that match those provided by employers is a key element in writing winning resumes.

To beat today’s heavy competition for jobs, it’s important that you identify and anticipate the full range of needs each employer faces and show how you can solve those needs. In addition to the skills listed in the ad, the employer will have many more needs that you should address in your resume and cover letter by mentioning transferable skills that can be applied to different jobs.

Professional Resume Formats Display Most Important Information First

Besides presenting a weak version of their skills, job seekers make often the big mistake of presenting important data in the lower sections of their job descriptions. The right professional resume format avoids it by showing them first. As you compile statements for your professional resume, arrange them by impressiveness and relevance to the job you want.

professional resume sample

Professional Resume Sample that Works by EasyJob

How you present your skills, experience, and capabilities is equally as important as having these qualities in the first place! And, knowing exactly who to present them to is also relevant.

Many unanswered job applications are the result of ineffective, poorly organized unprofessional resumes sent to unsuitable employers.

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