Covering Letter CV

What is a Covering Letter CV for?

All CVs should be accompanied by a covering letter. The covering letter cv has several purposes:

  • it allows you to say why you are applying;
  • it sets the tone for the CV;
  • it is often the first thing a recruiter takes a look at.

Although some authors suggest you produce a fairly standard CV and put your main efforts into tailoring the covering letter cv, we do not suggest it as the best approach. Do not think that “one size fits all” approach to your CV can be compensated for by a fully customized covering letter cv. The CV which usually gets more attention, and generally it is the CV that is used as a guide to the interview questions.

Covering letter cv should be taken seriously. However, it is crucial to tailor the CV for each job to get the interview.

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Covering Letter CV Writing Basics

Here are some basic guidelines for writing a covering letter cv application for a job:

  • you must write a new one for each job application;
  • the addressee must be correct – (take care with cut & paste covering letters!);
  • the date must be correct;
  • covering letter cv should never be more than one page long;
  • they should be as well laid out as your CV;
  • unless handwritten response is specifically required, your covering letter cv should be typed;
  • last, but not less important, covering letter cv should never state information that could be obtained from reading your CV.

Covering Letters CV by EasyJob CV Builder

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