Cover Letter for Resume

Cover Letter for Resume is a Must!

Career Cover Letter

Including a career cover letter with your resume is not a plus anymore, it’s a must.

If your resume catches the eye of the recruiter, your application will be selected to the next step. Now the hiring manager will take a look at your career cover letter to get a feeling of your personal side, to evaluate your written skills and to clarify your objectives related to the job offer.

If you failed to include a cover letter for resume or included a poorly written one, without any real content, probably your application will be discarded.  Keep in mind that the worst career cover letter is NO cover letter!

How Important is the Cover Letter?

Do not underestimate the role played by the cover letter: even with a winning resume, a poor cover letter will prevent you from landing interviews.

A cover letter adds focus to your resume. A resume has a limited value to an employer if he or she doesn´t know what kind of work you want to do. A career cover letter tells the employer the type of position you´re seeking — and exactly how you are qualified for that position.

Note that it is really important that each cover letter must be tailored to each job, each employer. Do not use “one size” cover letter!

Your cover letter can explain things that your resume can’t. If you have large gaps in your employment history, reentering the job market or changing the focus of your career, or relocating and conducting a long-distance job-search, a cover letter can explain these circumstances in a positive way.

We do suggest you to use your cover letter to expand the objective statement of your resume. The cover letter is the best opportunity for a job-seeker to target the type of work desired as specifically as possible and also to mention that he or she may be open to more than one option.

Keep in mind that the cover letter could not assure that your resume will be selected for an interview, but employers could seriously do not consider a resume that is not accompanied by a cover letter. Thus, a cover letter needs to be part of your job-search strategy.

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