Resume Cover Letters

Who Needs a Job Application Cover Letter?

Caution: The worst resume cover letter is no cover letter!

Many jobseekers think that resume cover letters are an unnecessary formality. But they’re wrong! It’s true that some human resources personnel, department heads, and other potential employers don’t have time to read both the letter and the resume — at first.

They often go first to the resume, but if your resume looks promising, they will indeed go back to the job application cover letter to get a feeling for your character and personality, as well as to evaluate your written communications skills. When there are many good resumes in an employer’s in-box, then the resume cover letter is the only edge even a good resume has in the competition.

Resume cover letters give you an extra opportunity to emphasize what you, and you alone, can contribute to the company. The cover letter puts a spotlight on the answer to the question all resume-readers are trained to ask first:

“What does this person have to offer my company?”

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