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HTML is the best option if you want to have your own or upload your resume to your webpage or blog and want Google/Yahoo! to easily index it.

If your HTML resume will be indexed by search engines, make sure you describe your skills, achievements and experience with the right keywords, so potential employers might find you.

HTML Resumes by EasyJob

If you are using our resume builder, EasyJob, just click on the “Save as HTML” menu and your html resume (resume com) will be done. Otherwise, feel free to download EasyJob free demo here or follow these steps:

  1. Open your resume with MS Word and save it as “as web page. Make sure it’s not saved as “single file web page”.
  2. Unfortunately,  MS Word introduces many incompatible characters and “features” when saving a document as HTML.  This will make your resume look terrible or even illiterate to someone viewing it on a Mac or Linux PC. If you believe there’s the slightest possibility of your resume being viewed on a non-Windows system, there’s one last hoop to jump through: the “demoroniser”(sic). The “demoroniser” is a script written by John Walker from and according to the author:  “(…) corrects numerous errors and incompatibilities in HTML generated by, or edited with, Microsoft applications. The demoroniser keeps you from looking dumber than a bag of dirt when your Web page is viewed by a user on a non-Microsoft platform.”

Our resume builder, EasyJob, lets you create a HTML resume with a single click and is probably one of the most affordable applications to create professionally designed resume to be posted online. FREE download EasyJob demo here and check it out NOW!

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